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2 Guyatone harp mics in my posession + 2 extras

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richie g
Feb 17, 2016 9:17 AM GMT

Greetings, I have had these mics in my posession for a number of years now (close to 10?).

They were among some other items I bought from a friend who had leftover stock from when their music shop closed down for good.

AS you can see there are 2 'Guyatone' harp mics, as well as two similar designed ones (which have 'Ibanez' stickers on them but no engraving of any sort which I can see of)

I have noticed since I last had a look at them, each individual mic is seeping a green gooey looking fluid where the 1/4inch angle plug is?

Im not sure what to make of this but I didn't see that about a year ago?

Any info would be great, I do not play the harp myself and I would be happy to forward these on to a deserving home.

They have never been used since I have owned them, they all come in the same matching boxes (but no manuals to be found)

One still has a small 'made in Japan' sticker on it, could do with a little t.l.c. however they have not been touched/used by me other to take them in and out of the boxes.

Please let me know if the link does not work/images do not appear.

Cheers for your time and what a great site!

Guyatone harmonica mics + 2 extra

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