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A new harmonica mic - both clean and dirty blues sound

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Rick P
Aug 22, 2019 2:09 PM GMT

Switchable Silver Bullet | Special - Clean/Dirty Sounding Harp Mic

I thought I’d introduce and raise awareness of a unique harp mic that is now available from Silverfish Harmonicas

Silver Bullet Dynamic | Special – Dirty 50KΩ/Clean 4KΩ switchable

This is a pretty special and top-of the range harmonica mic that offers the ultimate in flexibility of performance characteristics. It is probably the only harmonica mic available that offers the choice of two separate dynamic elements within the same microphone allowing a seamless switch between powerful dirty or clean sound performance. The clean and dirty sounds are both rich in tone with full harmonic content and great bass. The heavy-duty metal design, finished with a lovely dark hardwood fascia is a very nice look with a solid and robust industrial feel (there is a touch of steam-punk in its design!).

The mic offers precisely the same performance characteristics of the separate clean and dirty silver bullets but in one mic providing a neat and unique rig with the ultimate in flexibility for your amplified harmonica playing.

To check out or order — Read on:

You my like to check out a video review that demonstrates the clean and dirty sound you get from this microphone (also available as separate mics) - See:

In case you are interested in the technical details, see the following specications:


·Full bodied tone with harmonic overtones

·Great feedback rejection

·Lightweight/small bullet

·Robust construction for rigor of touring

·Steel mesh grille with dark hardwood fascia

·Two-stage mesh and foam to reduce breath noise

·Shock-mount design reduces handling noise

·Rubber sleeve to improve hand-seal

·Quality electronic components and connector

·Holster-style case

·Rugged industrial feel


·Type: rugged dynamic elements x2

·Functionality: switch – Clean | Dirty performance harmonica

·Impedance: Switch – High 50KΩ | Medium 4KΩ (+/-10%), unbalanced

·Sensitivity: High Ω -65dB | Medium Ω -55dB (+/- 3dB)

·Frequency response: High Ω 80Hz-13KHz | Medium Ω 20Hz-20KHz

·Polar patter: High Ω unidirectional | Medium Ω omnidirectional

·Connector: 1/4″ (6.3mm) jack

·Weight: 143g

·Dimensions: head: 5.0cm base: 4.5cm length: 7.3cm

·1/4″ (6.3mm) jack-plug socket

·Case: antique brass (copper) – plated alloy

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Order by Date

Aug 22, 2019 2:16 PM GMT
Rick P Replied:

Another look at this microphone: see www.silverfish-harmonicas.comSwitchable Silver Bullet | Special - Clean/Dirty Sounding Harp

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