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amphenol 3 pin connector quick conversion from XLR

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jeff s
Jun 09, 2011 6:49 PM GMT

Here's a five minute way to convert an XLR to amphenol 3 pin.

Hello, new to Harmonicaspace.....and to harmonica as well..

I am looking for a proper vintage style cable or connector to make one....but in the meantime ..

1) I removed the metal housing from my XLR....the 3 pins are set in a plastic disc..

2) I took a pair of pliers and cracked the disc..the solder connections have enough tension to push the pins outward, away from one another...

I did break the solder lead on my neutral..I reconnected that..

3) and pushed the now seperated pins into the mic ..and it works..very hot signal..

This is obviously a little crazy, it ruins your mic cable..but if you are in a takes 5 minutes and I have no electronic experience.

this is only a temporary fix..,.and a little knuckle headed...but if you're at a gig with a broken cable or something..this could help.

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