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Anyone having trouble getting your cases from Slim?

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Mar 02, 2014 4:46 PM GMT

I ordered over 200.00 worth of case from Slims custom cases last year and paid them in full through paypal. I have the electronic receipts and invoice from slim. Just wondering if any is having a problem. I've stayed in touch with him and he keeps saying he's sending it and I'll go a few weeks and contact him again and get the same response. Very upsetting because I love my first case I ordered. I finally told him I just want a refund and he just keeps saying he's gonna send it. Now he's blocked me from messaging him. I know people are getting cases because I see him completing them on Facebook. Just don't understand why he's chose not to send me mine :(. I've tried to be understanding but I don't know what good it's doing. If any wants to see proof just shoot me a message. Hopefully he will Finnish the work and send it, I'll update this post if he does. What can I do to at least get refunded through paypal if he never sends it? It's sad because

i had a lot of confidence in the guy. I am worried I'll never see the cases or a refund since he's blocked me.

wish me luck

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Order by Date

Mar 02, 2014 4:50 PM GMT
Adam Replied:

I forgot to add it's been 6 months in two weeks. Waited 3 months to check on the progress

Mar 21, 2014 12:14 AM GMT
Adam Replied:

Just to update Slim's did get me my order. Can't delete this post or I would, Just disregard it.

May 06, 2014 12:20 AM GMT
Bulldog B Replied:

Glad you got your case and were satisfied with it. My experience with Slim was a little different. No problem with the time needed to get it; my problem was with the overall quality of the product. It has a somewhat amateurish quality to the construction; screws are sticking through the case, screws are inserted at odd angles because he evidentially couldn't work out an engineering solution to attaching the bottom bracket to the case, and screws that should be panheads are instead buglehead type screws that aren't countersunk, leaving the head of the screw sticking out and ready to scratch you. The cloth doesn't fit well in places and shows some awkward folds. The foam insert is designed to fit harps with old-style (Marine Band type) covers and works well for that, but it's hard to force a harp with a full cover (like a Golden Melody) into the slot. The whole thing is a bit of a moot point to me because I belatedly realized that any foam of any kind will eventually degrade and start dropping tiny particles into harps, so I no longer use anything but cases with elastic straps to hold the harps.

Sep 11, 2014 5:46 PM GMT
Tim W Replied:

Well what to say about Slims Custom Cases? Owned and run by Christian Adam Jackson.In quite simple terms “DO NOT USE THIS TRADER” His glossy slick website carries many claims including promises that cases will be delivered in two weeks, he is able to meet customer requirements with regard to specifications and any number of glowing reviews posted by “Slim” himself as there is no way for the customer to post his own review. Obviously to stop bad reviews being heard!

So what is my personal experience with this Trader? In October 2013 I ordered a case and paid for it in full via the PayPal system..The case was to include slots for various harps and accessories with all dimensions being given at this time. After several e.mails over the next two months, the case finally arrived just before Christmas 2013, some 8 weeks later. The item received was of such poor quality that I immediately contacted the trader. The case was nothing more than a “butchered” alloy toolbox and the colour scheme of the foam insert was not as ordered.The slots for diatonic harps were too small for the harps and a specific slot for an accessory was a good inch too short. The cut outs and slots looked like they had been chewed out by a rabid baboon on acid.

Slims response was to hide behind his terms and conditions which have no legal standing in either the UK or in France. In fact, the trading standards laws in France are stricter than the UK as in the event of a product not being fit for purpose or not conforming to the original order, it is in fact the customer who has the right to choose between a refund, repair or replacement. Any return costs being met by the trader.Even after the intervention of the European Trading Standards Commission Slim refused to refund any monies and Paypal were of no use to me to obtain a reimbursementdue to their 45 day cut off ruling. This left me with no alternative but to take the case to the European Small Claims Court. The court ruled in my favour ordering Slim to refund the cost of the case plus my court costs and issuing a County Court Judgement (CCJ see below) against him until it is paid. However, to date, even after being visited by the court bailiffs he still refuses to pay a penny claiming now that he is living with his mummy & daddy and has no assets of his own. I somehow think that this is not the case.

So in conclusion if you want a harmonica case that does not meet your needs and is not fit for purpose, that costs over the odds for a recycled toolbox then it is my opinion that SLIM’S YOUR MAN!Alternatively if you want a professional job and have something you can actually use,GO ELSEWHERE!

Verification of the CCJ can be seen at – search for Christian Adam Jackson in the county of Lincolnshire.Please be aware there is a charge for this facility.

Sep 12, 2014 4:46 PM GMT
Tim W Replied:

Hey quess what? In less than 24hours of posting my review ofSlims Custom Cases here and on Slims facebook page it has been removed from his facebook page and I have been blocked from posting any further comments. THE ACTIONS OF AN INOCENT MAN ?I'll let you make up your own mind.

Dec 04, 2014 6:35 PM GMT
Michael Z Replied:

Ordered my case February 6, 2014 and have only gotten lame excuses for the past 10 months! We are not the only ones in this situation as I have connected with several others in the same situation. Slim is working on promoting his so-called musical career and doesn't seem to have time to finish the cases he has already been paid for. Don't throw your money away!

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