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Big News from BlowsMeAway - we're goin' Wireless!

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BlowsMeAwy Greg
Oct 25, 2010 11:14 PM GMT

With a few limited exceptions, up until now BlowsMeAway Productions has only sold products that I make. However my customers frequently ask about wireless systems. There are no wireless systems specifically for harp, and information about adapting existing systems is virtually nonexistent. Some systems work well. Others don't. I decided somebody needed to address this problem.

After a careful search, I concluded that the Samson line offered the best foundation. For the U.S. market, their systems are already migrated to new FCC approved frequencies. They have both amp-top/rack mount and pedal-based receivers. Their transmitters have the headroom required to handle the high output of harp mics. I have set up these systems and tested them with various mics. I have used them in performance. I am convinced these systems offer the best value to the harp player looking to go wireless. So BlowsMeAway is now an official Samson Dealer.

I am not selling their bundled systems aimed at guitar players, or forcing you to buy a microphone you don't want. Instead I'm offering systems that are designed with harp players in mind. Given the "margin-free" price expectations of internet shopping, I don't make much money selling these systems. My motivation is simply to provide more complete service to you. However Samson requires a significant annual commitment from me, so in order to maintain dealership status I hope you will choose to purchase from me so that I may continue to offer this service.

For much more information, and pretty pictures, in color....... please have a look at the new wireless systems web page on my site.

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