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Chromatic 10 or 12 hole

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Ted L
May 31, 2011 8:38 PM GMT

About 30 years ago I used to have a 10 (or maybe 12) hole Chromatic tuned harp that had

NO SLIDE bar. Does any body remember that type harp?

Does anyone make something like that today

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Jun 02, 2011 5:30 AM GMT
Mondo Replied:

10-hole chromatic? Are you sure that isn't a diatonic? Perhaps with a special tuning?

I can Google 16-hole harmonica and find several without a slide, but 12-hole harps seem to have a slide. Also, 14-hole units can be found w/o a slide.

Hopefully, one of the more experienced members know what you need.


Jul 01, 2011 12:46 AM GMT
christian J Replied:

Honher 36460 soloist is the 12 hole model you are talking about diatonic harmonica tuned the same way as a chromatic.

Jul 01, 2011 2:49 PM GMT
Barbeque Bob M Replied:

The original version of the 364S used to be the Marine Band Soloist/School Band model, which was discontinued in 1975 and the 364S is an inferior replacement when compared to the original, which I have two of and they're not for sale.

Jul 05, 2011 7:32 PM GMT
Diggs Replied:

My first harmonica was a twelve hole soloist. It came in a box with a record by Chamber Huang on how to play the harmonica.

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