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Custom harmonic case website- worldwide postage

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christian J
Jun 06, 2011 9:09 PM GMT

I wanted to post again as we hve made some changes to our website.

Slim's Custom cases specialize in exclusive, made to order, hand made custom harmonica cases.

We can work with you one to one, to design your perfect bespoke case made to your exact requirements, or you can have your case designed around our own signature harmonica case, a truly original concept, built around the unique principle of being microphone stand attachable.

Slim's cases have endless customizing options including but, not limited to-Size, shape, colour, cover, custom insert, name plaque, case attachments, handles and more! You tell us exactly what you want and we will build it. No matter what case design we build for you your equipment will fit perfectly, won't rattle or move, even when upside down. This is due to the high density plastazote foam we use. Our foam is mold resistant, non flaking and will not effect the taste of your harps like some foam can.

Visit our website for more info and photos.

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