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Custom made harmonica cases worldwide

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christian J
May 14, 2011 3:22 PM GMT

Hi All,

I specialize in exclusive, custom harmonica cases that have the unique feature of conveniently fitting on to microphone stands. Or, I am happy to create any type of case to store whatever you want.

My hand built cases are Sturdy, solid and extremely durable, made from hand crafted wood, all of your equipment will be fully protected. Through my website you can either- buy now from my online store with a few simple clicks through my site and build your own case from a selection of case designs , inserts, covers and handles or, if you cant find anything suitable online, I would be happy to design with you your own special, individual custom case, build it to your exact requirements and make your vision a reality.

There is an unlimited choice of inserts, covers and handles and if I don't have something you like I will try everything to get you what you want.

When buying through my online store there is a choice of case sizes the largest case is- 300x320x145mm which fits up to 48 diatonics or you could have a combination of equipment with fewer harps depending on what insert is chosen. You can even have a train case attachment for any extra gear that clips onto the standard case and then can then be detached. I can build as big or as small as you wish and I am very happy to do so. Love a challenge. This case will fit onto most microphone stands.

Prices start from $96 Amercian dollars or 60 GBP- ship worldwide.

Facebook page-

Cheers, Chris

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Jun 06, 2011 9:06 PM GMT
christian J Replied:

We no longer do the build your own caseonline but everything else remains the same :0)

Jun 06, 2011 9:10 PM GMT
christian J Replied:

We no longer do the build your own caseonline but everything else remains the same :0)

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