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DigiTech's Massive Deal Package

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Nov 05, 2011 6:43 PM GMT

Many of you know about the harp patches that Richard Huntermakes for the Digitech RP 250/255/350/355. Here's a great sale that came across my desk yesterday:

How does DigiTech love thee? Let us count the ways. You'll see $20 instant rebates on RP355 and RP255, $25 on JamMan Solo, and $50 off RP500 and JamMan Stereo. Plus, take advantage of mail-in rebates of $25 for the Vocal 300 and Whammy 4. Keep going, there's more! Buy a HardWire HT-6 and you'll receive a power supply and daisy-chain cable for just the cost of shipping. Other HardWire pedals will get you the power supply by itself. Finally (whew!), your purchase of a Vocalist Live 5 will net an AKG D 88 S mic, for just the shipping.

If you call, ask for Greg Savino. I've worked with him on several purchases. Not only is he a knowledgealbe musician, he's a great guy!

Greg Hunter's site is here:

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