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Eminence gb128

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ron a
May 14, 2010 5:49 AM GMT

Has anyone used one of these for harp? Here's what i have in mind. My 2 12 cabinet has two jensen speakers that sound great, but they are innefficient. THeir combined efficiency is only 97 db/watt@1 m. The gb128 is reated at 101. I'm thinking one of these will be just as loud and much lighter. I can mount it in a milk crate for super light weight and cable carry duty.

I like the tone on the eminence site, but of course it's a guitar. Eventually I would add a second one for even more flexibility in a second crate. I stopped using the crates on my other two because i was using the amp they are in. Then I took out the amp and it's still pretty heavy. The crates really kicked butt, but I want to put my 100 watt guitar amp back together and have a separate harp rig. I need efficiency because it's a valve junior head i run for harp...great tone..not much power.

Anybody ever use a gb128?

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May 15, 2010 7:26 AM GMT
BlowsMeAwy Greg Replied:

Oh, No, Harpaholic. I read on this other site where 1x12 was all you needed for anything. Just as loud, perfect for every application. The guy who said so was really insistent that he knew what he was talking about.

But I kid. HH is right. 2x10's.... To make 100W usable for harp I am not kidding when I say you'll need at least 6 10's. - maybe 4 12's plus some 10's and 8's. Seriously that is a poopload of power to try to play harp through.

May 15, 2010 7:24 PM GMT
ron a Replied:

Gregg, sorry for the confusion. The 100 watt amp is strictly for guitar. i am currently using the 2 12 inch jensens from it with my valve junior. Last night i took just one out again and revisited the single 12 idea before I plunk down cash on one that's more efficient. I like the jensens, but they are not real loud in a 5 watt amp with only 94db efficiency each.

I am going to try a Gb128. there is really nothing to lose. i have plenty of uses for it as a guitar speaker if I don't like it. The valve junior is a very nice sounding amp with one or 2 12 inch speakers. It is really perfect for what i do with guitar at church and occasional performance (solo performance or duet usually) without a full band. It has also proven very capable live with my blues band.

Thanks for replying.

May 21, 2010 4:11 PM GMT
ron a Replied:

Here's an update. My guitar player had a 12 inch speaker with a minor tear in the cone and a touch of voice coil rub. It is a vintage alnico speaker with no badging. It's very deep and has a fiber board-like molded dust cover on the magnet. I like the tone of it, but it definitely would need to be mic'd most of the time. It has a very crunchy, gritty tone that becomes trumpet-like on single note runs....sax like on lower keyed harps. Very good sounding speaker, even in a milk crate. I can mic it and put heavy felt over the mic and speaker to keep enough of the stage noise out. With it right behind me i can still hear it and let the sound guy put it in the mix. I haven't been to a jam yet where the crowd doesn't insist on more harp if it's low in the mix.

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