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Good experience with a new Marine band

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ron a
Jun 19, 2010 6:33 PM GMT

A few weeks ago, I lost the 5 draw reed in my marine band in A. This harp brought me through the first year and a half of learning, including hours of overblow practice and actual use of the 6 hole OB in live performance. I was bummed, but have been using my special 20 in A with the marine band cover plates modified to fit on it. Not too bad, but not the same to me.

Well, today i went and bought a new marine band in A. It is the best hohner harp I've bought for instant playability. Even the 6 hole OB is there without a tweak. I put two of them on the bellows and there was a pretty big difference in the amount of air required to make the reeds sound. The tone of mine is notably warmer too. I put no pressure on the harp at all and just let it sit on the bellows by its own weight. Every reed activated, even with the air presure very light and not a very good seal on the bellows. When I picked it up and played it in the store after buying it, i was VERY happy! Every bend, the 6 hole ob...very light breath required..awesome!

This one wasn't in a blister pack. This store didn't have any hohners at all for a couple of months after Christmas and now some of them are in blister packs. They only keep a couple of each key on hand. key of C was in a blister, some of the blues harps and a couple of the special 20s were too. It looks like they got a shipment mixed with some blisters and some not.

Anybody tried the blister pack harps yet? Any quality differences? I read somewhere that hohner has stepped up the QC a little. I haven't had any real significant issues with them, but the other A harp i bought before needed some reed work on the 3 hole draw. Granted that was a year and a half ago. This one is great. As good as any special 20 i ever bought and better than some.

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