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Great Kalamazoo Model 2 available

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BlowsMeAwy Greg
May 16, 2009 4:08 AM GMT

Kalamazoo Model 2 for sale If you don't know me - I'm Greg from BlowsMeAway Productions. I have rebuilt over 60 Kalamazoo Model 1's and 2's - more than anyone else I'm sure.

I have a really nice Kalamazoo Model 2 available, SN#33330. Fully rebuilt, brought back to factory spec. What's a Kalamazoo? A mid 60's vintage all-tube amp, with 2 12AX7's, a 6X4 and an EL84. It makes 5 - 8Watts, depending upon who you talk to, and is surprisingly loud for that amount of power. More importantly, it has tone to die for. It is, quite simply, one of the best small amps for harp there is. Please see my web site for more info about the amps in general.

Cosmetically this amp is an 8 out of 10, with a perfect panel, great grill cloth, and a cab in very good shape except for a chunk out of the covering on the front left rail plus a few other minor dings. The chassis is in excellent shape. All the paint is there on the front, the knobs are in pretty good shape. It is not pitted, corroded or scratched. Handle hardware is a little corroded as usual. The schematic is intact. It has had its 2 12AX7's replaced with newer ones - a brand I don't know called "JUL". The speaker is the original CTS Alnico 10" and is in good shape.

I have recapped this amp, cleaned the chassis, cleaned and lubed the tube sockets and pots, put in nice long (10') proper 3-wire power cords, and reinforced the front panel to avoid stressing the preamp tube socket every time you plug in your mic (preventing a costly but common mode of failure.)


Below are 2 Kalamazoo's currently on offer on eBay. You may not notice the details but I do. BOTH amps need rebuilding. Neither has a 3-wire cord. One has been rebuilt with the wrong caps. For the shape they're in, the prices are outrageous. My price gets you an amp in far better condition than either of these two, fully ready to go, with a warranty.

I'm asking $319. That offer includes my "no questions asked" 7-day trial (if you don't like it, pay the return shipping and I will refund the full price of purchase) and 90 day guarantee. Try to find someone else who'll offer a 45 year old amp with a warranty!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have added a new option to my website for these amps and it is a valuable one. In conjunction with Gary Onofrio of Sonny Jr amps I have developed a line-out circuit for the Kalamazoo. It is driven (like the one on the Sonny Jr. Cruncher) from the speaker output, so it carries all the tube breakup tone the Kalamazoo circuit is known for. It works! This option can be applied to any Kalamazoo Model 1 or 2, and I offer it at $49.

Photos available on request.

First come first served - do NOT reply to this post to contact me!!!!! Use my email, please.


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