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velve junior tube swaps

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ron a
Jul 30, 2010 11:42 PM GMT

Last year i went through a box of NOS and used tubes with my guitar-slinging, tone monster friend. We spent quite some time testing variations and eventually settled on a some old 5751 with the brand wiped off and any old el84. Since then, I started using a fender chinese 12ax7 and the stock sovtek el84 without any feedback issues, but i felt the tone was a little trebly for my personal taste on harp, regardless of speaker choice. Not on guitar however. I love the amp with any speaker i try it with for guitar.

Recently, I bought a mullard 12ax7 and a groove tubes silver series el84. I noticed an immediate quieting of the amp, regarding hiss, and a taming of the extra treble on harp. This resulted in higher volumes (spl meter readings, not knob settings) before feedback set in. Now I am using the amp with a jt30 roadhouse mic..another experiment I'm pleased to say worked out very nicely. I also found the jt30 roadhouse to be very PA friendly, straight into the board, with much better tone than i expected in that role. Just sharing the final outcome of a few days of extensive testing and recording here.

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