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VST plugins for studio

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Boris Plotnikov
Apr 06, 2009 8:20 AM GMT

Just experiment with two VSTs: Amplitube and Izotope Ozone and find great tone for amped harmonica. (Watch in high quality for better sound)

Harmonica - Marine Band A, customized by me

Mic - shure SM57

Audix T50k impedance transformer

Yerasov pterodriver tube guitar preamp, both outputs used. "combo" output to left chanel, emulated "mixer" output to right channel.

Soundcard: Sound Blaster Live

Adobe Audition 2 (mixing, EQuing)

VST Plugins: Amplitube (cab emulation for left channel)

Izotope Ozone (adding harmonics to both channel)

Right channel are moved 30ms forward for dubletrack effect.

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