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Andrew T
Sep 07, 2010 1:44 AM GMT

Just kidding... I really wanted to ask about gear cases. I need something light, durable, affordable, and able to securely and safely carry 12-20 diatonic harps, a chromatic harp, a mic or two and patch chords/mic chords. Preferable something that isn't noisy and rattling around as the contents shifts rattles around inPlexiglascubicles. What do you all use (brand,size,price,etc)? What can you recommend? As always your feedback is appreciated =)

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Sep 07, 2010 1:41 PM GMT
Kingobad Replied:

Actually, it sounds like everything I would want in a hot naked woman...

Sep 07, 2010 9:23 PM GMT
AirMojo (Ken H) Replied:

Check out Hal Iwan's custom harp cases at:

He uses non-flaking foam, has many configurations for the standard case, and you can buy extra inserts... no rattling around in these cases... also has a new line of larger cases.

Sep 08, 2010 2:38 AM GMT
Dave R Replied:

Aw dude, this is a no brainer! Picked this up at my local Menards hardware store for $20! I call it the "Blues Briefcase of Doom". Sturdy enough aluminum covered fiberboard case, shoulder strap, handle, 2 latches, large enough to hold lots of gear, but the best part is it comes with pick and pluck foam! It's basically a case for hauling electronic gear, comes with a tool panel that I replaced with a dimpled piece of foam for the top. I bought a second one to carry my wireless. Also have a BBQ tool case a friend gave me for cords and misc. stuff. I was considering one of those old tweed suitcases for the mojo look but saw this and went high tech instead. I used to haul my gear around in an old, large video camera bag which had absolutely NO mojo.

Dang it, can't get the picture to upload...I'll find a way to get you the pic...

Sep 08, 2010 2:42 AM GMT
Dave R Replied:

Okay, go to my profile page and view pics, the Blues Briefcase Of Doom is posted...

Sep 08, 2010 3:22 AM GMT
AirMojo (Ken H) Replied:

DaveR... I have a similar Aluminum case that I made a great harp case out of... the problem is "pick-n-pluck" foam doesn't hold up very well over time. I used two sets of Hetrick dividers in mine... cost way too much, but that's I what I wanted for my case.

There are acouple of photos of it here in my photo section. I installed a floor flange on the bottom with a short pipe nipple to set on a chopped mic stand.

I had to cut some extra rubber padding to get the Hetrick dividers to fit snug. The customharpcase foam inserts will also work (with the rubber padding), and this is very high quality foam... way better than the "pick-n-pluck" stuff.

I own one of Hal's custom harp cases as well... Sometimes I like to travel light. There's not much wasted space in Hal's cases, and a real good value.

My "Big Boy" case pretty much sits in my basement by my amps for practicing, like a piece of furniture, but it can be used quite easily too. It holds most of my harps, in different tunings, low harps, etc.

Sep 08, 2010 8:21 AM GMT
Andrew T Replied:

Dave R, Blues Briefcase of Doom looks awesome! You even fit your pedals and multiple mics in there. That type of thing would definitely do the trick for my needs. I'll probably pick something up by the end of the month.

Ken, Checked out your pics too. Your case has those Plexiglas cubes in it that aren't really my thing. I was more taken with your pedal board! That's another project I'm getting started on. What kind of material (that board with holes in it) did you use and how did you secure the pedals. Also what's that I see going on with power supply hooked right up to the board. Is that just a 6-strip going right across the top of your custom pedal board? I like it!

Kinqobad, Now that you mention it ;)

Sep 08, 2010 3:48 PM GMT
AirMojo (Ken H) Replied:

Andrew... Home Depot sells a similar brief case tool case (around $20), but it may not have the plick-n-pluck foam... I've seen cases with it and without it. The Home Depot case has dividers that can be placed in various ways. I actually bought my case several years ago at a local Tractor Supply and it had the prick-n-pruck foam, but there was too much wasted space, and I have too many harps.

I actually really like the plexiglass dividers... it gives the harps room to breathe and air-out. I added some layers of Sears Craftsman tool chest liners in the bottom for padding and the case closes pretty tight so there is not that much rattling going on. A nice little hand towel placed on top of the harps also helps. I also made the lid removeable by punching out the hinge-pins, and using hitch-pins instead that fit tight and can be pulled-out.

I don't like leaving my harps stuck in foam for any long periods of time, especially after playing (due to moisture). The harps will pickup a foam "flavor" to them that I do not like... I may be more sensitive to this than others. I still use the foam case (from but I do not leave my harps stuck in the foam for very long. I transfer them back to my "Big Boy" case to air out until I need them again.

I prefer my harps to be in a vertical position, keys labeled on the right side, and arranged usually in order of the circle of 5ths. I have several Low keyed harps and Seydel recommends storing them vertically to keep the reeds from settling and sagging.

The pedal board... is made from remnants of some nicely finished pegboard with 1/4 inch holes that I used when I built a storage room in my basement, and tool board above my workbench. Really nice stuff, but you can use regular pegboard available at Home Depot, Loews's etc that is less expensive, and can come 4'x8' or 4'x4' sizes (from what I've seen)... usually brown or white.

I only used one layer of thickness (a little less than 1/4" I think), but for added strength you could double up the pegboard and glue (as long as you line up the holes).

For fasteners, I used the thick "ouchless" elastic hair bands used for ponytails. This is some tough elastic and lasts a long time... I haven't had one dry rot or break yet (going on a few years now), and are easily replaced if needed. Depending on the length you need, you can create longer lengths by looping/threading these bands together. Get the thick ones, not the real thin ones.

I used little wood dowels that are used in woodworking to piece wood together... 1/4" I think and about one inch across. I used a rat-tail file to file a center groove on the dowel, then thread the hair band through the pegboard hole and loop the end around the dowel (one on each side). The pedal will fit nice and snug... you may have to fuss with it a bit, depending on the size.

I bought some thick rubber "feet" (probably at Home Depot) and glued them (using silicone GOOP) to the bottom of the pegboard (in the corners and various spots in the middle. This raises the board up a bit to allow for the wood dowels, and adds some friction to the bottom so the pedal board doesn't slide around so easily.

I chose this powersupply (found it at either Home Depot or Microcenter or maybe Walmart) because the plugs rotate so you can fit AC adapters more easily. I now use one of those 1-Spot adapters, so I do not need as many adapters now, unless the device doesn't work on the same 9-volt like most pedals do.

The pedal board fits in an old laptop computer case, which is handy for storing your cables, extension cord(s), and other gear.

Since I don't play out much (work too much, no time, and no where close), I pretty much leave the pedal board on one of my amp stands which is an old utility cart... I installed a nice narrow wood drawer on the bottom of the cart (leftover from a kitchen-remodel project that came from a built in desk drawer and perfect size) with sliding drawer tracks. So now I can slide it in and out when I'm not using it. I'm going to have to take a photo of it, as its pretty handy.

I like to tinker, especially if I have stuff just laying around waiting to be recycled.

Hope this helps !

Sep 08, 2010 4:26 PM GMT
AirMojo (Ken H) Replied:

Just noticed that there is a photo of the bottom of my pedalboard in my photos... so you can see what I was writing about !

Sep 08, 2010 6:01 PM GMT
Andrew T Replied:

Hey thanks Ken. That's a lot of info. I appreciate how resourceful and creative you are with your gear. You certainly don't get your stuff from gtr Center or Musicians Friend; it's made in your garage. Thanks for sharing how you made and operate your gear and accessories; given me many ideas. Thx again.

Sep 26, 2010 4:56 AM GMT
Jim L Replied:

Got mine at Home Depot, Aluminum tool kit, $24.95 minus military discount, and just beginning to customize it, but I will only be carrying my harps in it, that way I have a case with harps and music, and a rolling case with electronics and stuff.

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