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Andrew T at a jam vid

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Andrew T
Apr 24, 2010 7:12 AM GMT

This is the first and only video ever taken of me playing harp that I'm not tooembarrassed to share with my HS friends. My chops are coming along and this solo was somewhat groovin. I'm just sorry my new amp is too quiet and that my treble had mistakenly been left cranked up. But that's a whole other discussion, one which I have already posted in the gear room haha. This post is more of a narcissistic inquiry into what you, my online harphead peers think of my playing. I've been playing for about 20 months. I could use some feedback. You don't have to be nice. Be honest. I can take it! haha

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Apr 24, 2010 9:35 AM GMT
blogward Replied:

Pretty solid so far, but don't use a solo as a practise opportunity; know what you're going to do and do that right. You are tootling rather than grooving, skipping along the top instead of taking the tune with you. Play more simply and get more expression; imagine you are singing the most meaningful lyrics (to you) ever written. It's not a volume thing; thousands of guitarists would attest to that if their ears would stop ringing.

The hunched shoulders thing also shows that you aren't breathing from your diaphragm, the inverted dome-shaped muscle between your chest cavity and gut. Learn to do this (basic singing technique - book one lesson) and you will get much more breath control and power when you need it.

The band are too loud, it's not you. Sing, don't tootle.

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