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Arkansas Blues and Heritage Fest related...

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Jawbone K
Oct 04, 2009 2:36 PM GMT

well it's DURING ABHF but not AT abhf! we just confirmed that JAWBONE and JOLENE will take the stage at BLUESBERRY CAFE on the final night of abhf, across the river in Cdale, at 8 pm or so. we'll run 'til 12 or 1 a.m.
this is an open invite to come by and listen- or sit in! if you walk in and say hi to us an give an intro, tell me which forum you're from, and want to get up for a song or 3, i will do my best to put you on stage with us. we are a duo, no rhythm section, but i plan to bring a couple of spare guitar amps- small but it's a small room- and also an extra harp amp. we'll have the little Fender p.a. also.

we're headed for Cdale on thursday, where we'll be staying through saturday night. i expect we'll kick back thursday night, maybe hit a local joint depending on who's playing where in town, and friday we'll head for helena to partake of some abhf action. friday will be a spectator day for us, we'll be there with some friends, our hosts at Bluesberry, and friday evening is up in the air. saturday we plan to head back for helena and maybe busk for a while on cherry street, then back to cdale to kick back and then set up and play at our favorite cafe there (Bluesberry). sunday will find us at cat head, the cool art and music store that's having its annual mini concert, and later on to hopson commissary for the pinetop perkins homecoming. i think i'm taking monday off work so we can drive home and recuperate for a day before going back to work.

so any and all- if you're going to abhf, and you happen to be in clarksdale after the fun is over in helena, come on by and say hey! or who knows, we may run into each other in helena! or at cat head or hopson's!

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Oct 14, 2009 11:08 AM GMT
Jawbone K Replied:

we had probably the best weekend we've ever had playing music and meeting folks. i am doing a massive blog about tit all and we have a lot of pics posted at our myspace page at jawbone and jolene.

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