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Calling diatonic, chromatic tremolo, octave players

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Elk River
Jul 24, 2009 3:21 PM GMT

Hello Double reeders, this year at the Elk River Harmonicas contest, we are starting a special tremolo contest as part of the Mid-Ohio Valley Harmonica Championship, which is noon, Sept. 19, at the Belleville Homecoming Grounds in Belleville, West Virginia, which is on West Virginia 68 between Ravenswood and Parkerburg. The prize is the Old Gnarly Cup, a unique trophy, which is made from an gnarly old Valencia Tremolo harmonica from the 1910s probably on an American Chestnut base. The base is pretty gnarly, it's mostly gnarly knots, is not perfectly square, but despite all that, looks nice. The winner gets the gnarly cup and a custom tremolo.
The Mid-Ohio Valley Harmonica Championship, noon Sept. 19, also needs contestants, diatonic, chromatic, tremolo, whatever you want to play is fine with me. The HARPBeats are scheduled to be there and will be judging. Jason Ricci will also be there judging if he is able to make it. There will be prizes to be announced, last year's were GREAT. Everybody can have one accompanist.


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