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Elk River
Sep 20, 2009 7:56 PM GMT

Had a great time myself. Phil Caltabellotta, Valerie Redler, George Miklas and family, and Danny G all came down...
Danny G started it all off with some tunes one was"Black Velvet." Seriously, for a lot of the folks attending that might have been the first time they'd heard a chromatic played. It's good to get the instrument out in the public, that's what the event was all about anyway.
George's daughter came up and played "America the beautiful," George backing her on chord. Phil played this musett, they called it, Val on chord, George on bass, it was one of the awesomest things I ever heard, I felt like I was going before the Don to ask a favor on this, the day of his daughter's wedding... Phil played a DOUBLE REED CHROMATIC, that's right, as I understand it, it was something Murad came up with, two 64 chromatics mounted together, one button operating both slides and one mouthpiece blowing into both. It sounded like a concertina. Great sound.

We had a pleasant surprise and a bit of a reversal. I figured George would probably play some chord, cause he used to play chord with Murad and whatnot, but I wasn't expecting Phil Caltabellotta on chord and George on chromatic for "Love Me Tonight." It was awesome. Phil did a wonderful job on chord, George likewise on chromatic.

First place: Brian Salters, Huntington, W.Va. (won Seydel 1847 and Christopher Richards signature Twin Tone microphone (a $240 value for the mic)
Second Place: John VanKirk Huntington, W.Va., won a custom case from Hal Iwan and a Seydel Big Six.
Third Place: Jim Rumbaugh, Huntington, W.Va. won a Seydel Solist and Suzuki Promaster.
Fourth place: Richard DiMaria, Buckingham, Va., won a Seydel hat.
Gnarly Cup winner: Steve Williams, Vincent, Ohio, won a Seydel Hochlandsklange.

As Phil was leaving my house, I hit him up to play some stuff while we were standing in my driveway... my favorites, of course, "The Godfather and Love Story" medley and "Fantasie Impromptu." I had this moment where it dawned on me, "wow, Phil Caltabefreakinbellotta is playing Fantasie Impromptu in my driveway." How awesome is that? It ranks right up there with that moment where Jason Ricci performed this marriage ceremony for my daughter's
stuffed animals "I know pronounce you cat and bear!"

Oh yes, there was another moment like that this weekend. I got to pretend I was Wally Peterman. Val, Phil and George were playing this boogie and I joined them on the 48 chord. That, was awesome.


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