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Got a Free Harp at GC Today!

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Jawbone K
Jun 28, 2009 4:29 AM GMT

Jo had a phone call tuesday from Guitar Center, to tell her we had $20 credit as part of some soret of promotion. Today we drove out there and looked into it. The guy we talked to gave us a $20 gift card, no strings attached! I'm guessing they are hurting some so put this promo together to get folks to come out and spend a few bucks.

We looked around some and Jo suggested i may want to get a harp. If you know most physical stores, they carry Hohner, maybe some LO's, and maybe some cheepie harps and that's it. Nothing a seasoned player necessarily wants to drop much money on. But I looked over what they had- all hohners, from $5 blues band up to a $130 chromatic, all Hohner. One caught my eye, a Blues Bender, which has been mentioned a few places on different forums lately. I figured, hey, it's basically free to me simce the price was about that of a Big River and i had a $20 gift card!

So I got the harp and we also got some picks for Jo. Haven't played it amped as yet. It's touted to have thicker reed plates and is supposedly easier to bend. Which appears to be true. To me it's a pretty easy harp to play at any rate. More or less a SP20 in appearance with different covers, but really similar.

More on this once i try it out amped.

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Jun 28, 2009 1:55 PM GMT
eric h Replied:

here comes another 2 parter!!

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