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Jul 16, 2009 12:06 AM GMT

I like doing things the hard way. (Like Tred Bartta) I hunt with a recurve bow that was custom built for my Father in Laws brother along time ago, he hunted with it and then gave it to my Father in law, he hunted with it for many years, and one Christmass it was passed onto me, I then began making my own equipment, like the leather quiver and a shooting tab. I've made my own handles for my hunting knife along with the leather sheath. I have a bunch of projects going; like the beach cruiser I'm building, the one Virago 1100 I bought for $100 and now runs like new, then traded with a buddy of mine for a Radian that I'm making into sort of a Cafe' Racer, in between when I have some spare change and free time I'm slowly restoreing my 77 Vette. My point isI love to tinker on stuff and know how and why it works and if I can customize or make it my own. So looking at diferent Harps out there and taking apart a cheapo, is every chamber on every Diatonic harp the same size/lenth on every key? Is it just the reed plates that are differnt? How close is the tolerance matter on the chambers? (If you havn't already guessed I'm interested on making my own Harp one of these days-but it will be "Hot-Rodded" in one form or another.)

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Jul 16, 2009 10:14 AM GMT
HarpMan Freeman Replied:

Jul 16, 2009 10:18 AM GMT
HarpMan Freeman Replied:

The website I just posted is like a Harmonica school, you might find some of your answers here, or at least get on a hunting trail for your answers.

A member on this fourm, AceOfHarps AKA Todd Parrot has a very large selection of harmonicas of all shapes and sizes, you may want to chat with him about it.

Then of course, JR has his own muesum of harmonicas

Elk River Harmonica is another great source of help. They even have a course you can take on fixing harmonicas.

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