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Jan 01, 1970 12:00 AM GMT

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Mar 17, 2010 8:09 PM GMT
Mondo Replied:

Joe, can you tell me what you think about the Holmes Harp Commander II that was upgraded to a Jr.? How's that working out? Have you tried different types of mics into it? Have you plugged the output into a P.A., your stereo system or anything wild? How about recording with it directly?

Mar 17, 2010 8:31 PM GMT
Not a Replied:

AAAARRRGGGHH! I guess you just can't force it. I suppose that there IS a threshold on the number of online harmonica-related forums afterall. If the content isn't unique, and the users don't seem to care all that much about making it unique, then there's nothing differentiating this place from all the other ones out there. And when you've got some venues that are as active as they are, why would anyone who is a member of both bother wasitng the time to post over here when they know they will be answered within MINUTES at the other place? Why even bother duplicating posts across the forums when you know that the user base overlaps by about 70% anyway? These are difficult questions, but I think the truth of the matter lies somewhere in this vein.

Mar 17, 2010 9:37 PM GMT
HarpSkunk Replied:

I hope HS stays healthy, I for one check in daily and read a lot, I will try to post more too. I am really grateful for the generous advice I have recieved when I've posted questions, it has helped me no end.

Right now I am looking to buy my first valve amp ( normally I use a Danelectro Nifty Fifty or the house PA)but all I see are guitar amps and the 'names' (HG 2, Cruncher etc.) are not easily available here in Belgium at a price I can afford, still the dreaming is fun!

Thanks to Brady for a GREAT forum/site, this is the most user friendly for me.


Mar 18, 2010 1:11 AM GMT
Barbeque Bob M Replied:

You also have to remember that every forum has ebbs and flows where there are times it's totally crazy or totally quiet at different stages. One thing to remember with this forum is that there's a far wider spectrum of players who play in genres outside of blues and some of the blues oriented forums are busier with blues oriented players, and here at least I can get in contact with players outside of the blues thing as it's a totally different approach to things and just look at the postings about tone, players who were more blues oriented all posted tone based on blues players only, and those who come from other music genres posted from genres outside of it.

I think some people may want a blues only forum without realizing it and I like being in contact with people outside of the blues genre even tho I myself am coming from a traditonal blues background but I don't cut myself off from other genres as some players do.

I'd also like to see more chromatic players post here to give the forum more variety than just a blues only forum. Believe me, some of the harp tweaking tips I've learned over the years came from old time chromatic players and I have enormous respect for these guys.

Mar 18, 2010 5:04 AM GMT
Boris Plotnikov Replied:

I wondered about english speaking forums. The more forum is like laystall the more acivity takes place.

MBHforum has no divisions for topics and it's fairly active. almost dead too.The most active forum Harp-l is the most awkward with almost no usability.

The main (almost the only in fact) Russian forum is pretty organized, accomodative and active.

Mar 18, 2010 6:38 PM GMT
BluEyes Replied:

as for me, im still recovering and lots of Physical Therapy.

I use my Iphone a lot and I still can not comment using my phone. Thats my reason.

thats just me. I don't want to see this site go away, its a great place to learn.

good luck

Mar 18, 2010 11:31 PM GMT
walterharp Replied:

hey abner, hope the recovery goes well! i like the people on this forum, they seem a bit more down to earth and civil, and as bbq mentioned, not as hung up on blues.

Mar 19, 2010 3:18 AM GMT
Mondo Replied:

Joe, glad you like the tone. Ron said for Jazz he liked gain down low (9:00-ish) and output up as needed. For compressed tone, gain up to 11:00 or more as desired and keep output low - maybe 8:30 to 9:00.

The compression control is actually a real compressor and fairly clean unless above about 2:00. At that point you can hear the compressor work. Below that it is fairly transparent and helps to limit audio peaks, both and -, for a tighter sound. Full CC is off.

The new tone circuit is his current favorite and will be the one he puts into the small amps he's bringing out.

As for Saturday, I have another jam to be at. But, if you want to swing by I can loan you the cables for plugging into your stereo. I've used the L/R/Vid inputs on the front of my receiver before and it worked great. So, if yours has something similar it should work. Otherwise, hang on to it (but not forever! LOL)

Mar 19, 2010 3:23 AM GMT
Mondo Replied:

Hmmm... looks like the board has a "compressor", too! Hahaha...

The line in my last post should have a plus sign in it to have it read "helps to limit audio peaks, both positive and negative". Such are the dangers of online posting ;)

Mar 19, 2010 5:02 AM GMT
BlowsMeAwy Greg Replied:

I have the same concern. Why does Gussow's forum get more traffic? Everything in one room, for one thing. I think people need to see a certain amount of activity - as evidenced by the rate at which threads move down. Dividing into multiple rooms slows that and seems to hurt the forums that do it. But I noticed new members seem to sign up here a lot - but then ... where are they? Do they know "space board" is a forum? Maybe that title needs work too. I think the chat room should be REMOVED - It doesn't get used any more and people are likely to assume nothing happens here because nothing happens there.

Mondo - next time, if you have a question that has nothing to do with the thread title (in this case, "harmonica space dying a slow painful death") please ask in an appropriate thread, or start a new one. One of the reasons ANY forum succeeds or fails is that people can find useful information there. Nobody will later find information of your topic because they won't look in this thread. Thanks.

Mar 19, 2010 6:04 AM GMT
Andrew T Replied:

I hope HS keeps on kickin. I've talked with great people and learned alot here. Thanks everybody. And keep posting!

Mar 19, 2010 9:21 AM GMT
Kingley Replied:

In my opinion in a few problems that stop people posting here as frequently as MBH or Bushman for example.

You have to log in just to see the forums which quite frankly is I suspect the main reason. The multiple rooms don't help as things aren't kept fresh and are hidden immediately by the next post in the section in the forum index page.

It might be an idea if it were just an open forum like MBH or Bushman where you can read it all but have to register to post. I'd scrap the chat room as it doesn't have that much traffic since the initial flirtation that people had with it.This might make the forum simpler to use and make it more traffic friendly.

Just my opinion of course.

Mar 19, 2010 2:50 PM GMT
Duane C. Replied:

HS is always the first harmonica site I check. It's at the top of my bookmarks and will stay there. I have a couple others in my list, but I don't like them as well. One has every thing all listed together and it's like looking for a needle in a haystack to find info that I currently need.

I particularly like that we can submit a photo and some basic bio info, it gives a sense of knowing who your talking to, seems much more friendly and personel. I have found lots of my questions answered here, some I didn't even know I had.

Jamm'n for the enjoyment and challenge!

Mar 19, 2010 4:46 PM GMT
jawbone s Replied:

I will admit I haven't been back here for awhile. I'm on dialup and logging in, bouncing around to check on everything is time consuming. I only have 100 hours per month. (not sure how close I get to that) I actually find I don't even check all the posts on the other two forums I am on. Quite often it is "check out this you tube or see this video" then I'm frustrated. The members of this forum are very civil and helpful - I like that - I may as well be honest - MBH seems to end up in a lot of pi$$ing contests, altho it's entertaining it's not helpful. It is quite active but sometimes slow to download and I tend to skip over many topics.

I think if the log on was eliminated or sped up and you could jump right into all topics on one page would speed things up (for my slow computer, anyway)

Don't know if this helps?? Just my point of view.

Mar 19, 2010 7:01 PM GMT
Barbeque Bob M Replied:

MBH at times resembles Harp-L at its worst for the pissing contests. Even MBH is civil compared to Harp-L earlier in this past decade, but still. On there, theer are both the traditional players as well as the more modern types, but there are also those coming at blues from other genre perspectives so their arguements are gonna get colored by their experiences, etc.

At least with certain topics generated into certain discussion areas, I can easily skip stuff that I may not be interested in at the moment, as too many harp forums dominated by diatonic players often have a tendency to get too gear oriented to the point that it can get really boring and too often not enough discussions about things like technique, theory, groove, especially learning groove is too often thought of way down at the bottom of the barrel, and that's too bad, because those are far more important than the gear aspect is.

Mar 20, 2010 6:16 AM GMT
Tony W Replied:

I went to a jam last night where I play with the house band and usually it is packed. Last night there was no more than 10 people there (basically empty) and that always seems weird but it happens every now and then. I don't know what the answer is to the inactivity but even though 1400 members seems like a big number almost everyone has other things going on in their lives other than harp. Also a lot of members are new to harmonica and that creates a problem in itself as more than 80% of people who take up the harp quit straight away. Not something I want just a fact. It is probably true with other musical instruments and that is why there is that real gross thing out there (my opinion only, I don't want to hurt anyone) called guitar hero. People want what they want NOW. I was getting a ride home from a co-worker one day and I asked if I could play my harp for a while as the ride was about an hour long and he said yes. After playing for a while he asked me if I thought that he could play the harmonica like that and how long it would take. I said of course you can, if I can do it you can do it. It would take about 5 years or so to do what I just did and he said OH no effen way! I'll never do that. That was funny, I'll never forget that ride.

keep it in your mouth

Mar 20, 2010 2:59 PM GMT
Jawbone K Replied:

the ebb and flow thing applies. but for me personally there are other reasons i have slacked off at this forum. being ignored or blown off in the chat after previous warm receptiuons is one. some members know who they are on that topic. another is, some subjects i have posted on the forum here have also been totally ignored, things that i would have thought would be at least worth a comment or two from a member or two.

if my input is not important to anyone here, if my efforts to offer help and counsel are not taken seriously, why would i waste my time hanging around? there are forums where i am well regarded.

Mar 20, 2010 3:48 PM GMT
jawbone s Replied:

Hey Jawbone K - My southern brother from a different mother - they probably thought you were me!!!! So i can totally understand you being blown off!!! ;-)

Mar 21, 2010 3:28 PM GMT
jawbone s Replied:

I would say it would speed things up to get rid of "rooms" altogether. Hopefully posters would make the heading clear enough that you know what the content is and you can skip over if you are not interested.

Mar 21, 2010 5:03 PM GMT
Chris C Replied:

I for one like the design of HS. I have no problems logging in as I use an identity keeper that does the work for me. I never use the chat but I could imagine times when it could be usefull. I find the people frendly here and accepting of my dyslexic dribble. I find the multiple rooms helpfull when I want to search for some thing. The Preview function suits me.

But the lack of activity is a worry. If changes have to made then I'm for it because in the end Content is King.

There must be hundreds of users that, like me, naturaly lurk, hungry for more info on this bloddy difficult instrument. Perhaps a little more focus on sound samples. I love the Harmonica Jam website for this. I'm not suggesting to that extent but a bit more that way.

BTW Jawbone Kno offence ever intented from this Petite Canard en Noir.

Mar 21, 2010 7:11 PM GMT
John P Replied:

Well. i think MBH has drawn a lot of traffic from other forums. Even the number of posts on harp-l is down. i think MBH is popular because of its wide usage. There are literally new posts ever minute. i suspect the popularity has to do with Gussow's wide folowling and the ease of use.

I used to pretty much ignore MBH because the level of dialogue was, for the most part, very pedestrian and way too basic to hold my interest. But, since approximately the beginning of the year there seems to be an increased number of more sophisticated players who've begun to post there regularly, which has made for occasional very interesting threads.

Also, some of the more famous players who used to post here sort of regularly (Jason, Madcat, etc.) have not been active around here lately and I think their regular presence used to help draw people to Harmonica Space.

Mar 22, 2010 7:57 PM GMT
Mondo Replied:

Of course you're right, Greg. Now that I think about it, that info probably should have gone in a PM. Would that I could delete or edit it after the fact...

Mar 23, 2010 12:00 AM GMT
Joe L Replied:

There is quite a bit to like about this forum.

  1. The people that visit here are pretty nice people. You don't see a lot of ego flashed here.
  2. You can get your questions answered by someone who is knowledgable. In some forums, there is a feeling that the blind are leading the blind. I don't get that feeling here.
  3. The members here have a sense of humility. No one has proclaimed themselves to be one of the best harp players to have ever walked the Earth.
  4. The chat function. There aren't always people in there, but I've participated in some interesting chats. Many of them have even been harmonica related.

Honestly, I was sort of glad that the contest ended. It seemed like some people were posting just enough to meet the minimum criteria for contest qualification.

Mar 29, 2010 5:45 AM GMT
Brady Mills Replied:

Hello All,

I've read the entire thread!

So, you'll have to bear with me... I hear one major complaint -- get rid of the chat room. That's fine, and we can do away with it. Perhaps it does give the impression that no one is here, but the analytics say that there is a lot of traffic --- so, people are around (maybe not posting, but around)...

Someone mentioned ordering the posts by descending or ascending order... this was implemented a while ago... simply order it yourself using the order by date feature right below the comments area (right-aligned). The reason we offered a choice --- everyone wanted something different (so now you have a choice) ;-)

Rooms --- Add 4 more, take away all of them, keep them the same. We go so many directions on this topic -- so ultimately someone would be unhappy any way we go. One thought I have is that we could (eventually, because obviously it takes a lot of time to make changes like this)... eventually we could have a full list of posts/threads, but the ability to filter by various categories. It's an interesting concept, and hopefully that would be something we could offer in the future.

HarmonicaSpace is a labor of love at this point. The ads don't really support the cost of the site and certainly not the labor that goes into keeping it up to date --- and these changes are only things I can do when there is extra time. So, although it may take a bit to get them done --- these are all certainly issues that will be addressed.

Thank you all for coming here, supporting this site --- and I'm glad to read that there are still many of you who love this space, find it useful and who have gained valuable knowledge and great friendships from our boards and network.

Brady Mills
Owner Brady Mills Graphics
and Creator of HarmonicaSpace

Mar 29, 2010 5:56 AM GMT
Andrew T Replied:

Dear Brady,

Thank you for all you have done for us, here, and for all that you continue to do. The site is terrific (I'll stay with it no matter what changes are made) and the community of talented, sharp, sweet people is genuine and irreplaceable. Just wanted to say thanks!


Andrew Tauchen

Mar 29, 2010 7:05 PM GMT
walterharp Replied:

ditto here too... thanks brady... and much of what goes on in MBH is not much fun anyway

Mar 30, 2010 12:33 AM GMT
Joe L Replied:

Hey Brady - I like the chat room. It isn't always populated, but it can be a fun place to kill time. I've had some cool discussions with people.

Mar 30, 2010 3:35 AM GMT
Ana R Replied:

I'm here....even when I don't have time for anything else...I'll be guys were great support when I was a newbie and you accepted me with all my (pain in the ass) questiones and my begginers doubts and I love you all because of more time...I LOVE YOU ALL MY DEAREST HARP FRIENDS....your friendship and your advices are the most precious things for me!!!!

Mar 30, 2010 5:13 AM GMT
Chris C Replied:

Just had a stupid idea, what if we were to aspire to having the most exensive list of Harmonica frendly Jams worldwide. With reviews and contacts and even sucked up into Brady's magic map. (yes Iknow that was hard work Brady but is the work already done?) If you want to look at the map it is here.

We could do Festivals and Concerts as well but I reckon Jams would be great. I know of at least20 myself in Aus and NZ.

Mar 30, 2010 10:17 AM GMT
HarpSkunk Replied:

Hey there if you all look at Europe on the harmonicaspace map you will see the huge number (ratio of users to population) of us harp nuts in Belgium and Holland (that is The Netherlands to us here in Europe) you expect a bunch in the UK (land of my birth) but there is a hardy crew of guys and girls playing and dreaming here putting up with expensive equipment and poor locations to play but with people who really appreciate the music!! Just wanted to get that off my chest. Long live Harmonica Space, the place where we are all equal.

Thanks Brady.


Mar 30, 2010 7:43 PM GMT
Kingobad Replied:

Please don't lose the chat room! Just because there aren't people there all of the time doesn't mean there aren't people who use it. Nor does it make the place look dead. I like to stop by to see who is on, and there are some great conversations being had.

Apr 07, 2010 3:52 AM GMT
sgsax Replied:

I rather like the chat feature. It's the one thing other harp-oriented community sites don't have. I wouldn't mind a chat client that was a little less flaky, though. Personally, I find forums in general cumbersome, in that you have to make an effort to visit them regularly to stay on top of things and participate. I often only check forums once a day (if that), and by that time, the conversaion has typically run its course. I mostly stay up with the forums here by reading the RSS feed. I mostly lurk anyway, so it's enough for me to see what people are talking about.

My personal preference is email listserve over forums, and chat over email. I like the realtime interaction. I only wish people were online for chat here when I am (after 8 or 9 pm CDT).

Thanks for your labor of love, Brady. This is a unique site among the many. I'd hate to see it go by the wayside.

Apr 07, 2010 7:23 AM GMT
Reed Triller Replied:

I think spamming it on some craigslist pages would help,too. I make ads for my photography site and such on there all the time and I always notice an increase in hits.

Apr 07, 2010 2:59 PM GMT
ness Replied:

Hey folks,

Brand new here, but an old-timer on web forums, so I'll chip in on this topic.

One of the good things about MBH forum is the really basic layout. No categories, no log on to read. You're just there, and can jump in and read what's going on.

This forum software makes it a little clunkier: A login is required to read (right?). The various categories only show the latest post displayed (which may or may not be of interest). The 'reply' box for a topic is below the first post -- requires you to read all the way down then pop back to the top to reply. I didn't see a place to click and see new activity (regardless of category), which is handy in forums with lots of categories.

Anyhow, I don't mean to blow in here and start telling you how to run things right off the bat. But hopefully these comments are helpful. I'm sure it would be a big project to change the forum software, but maybe there are some modifications to the existing package to make this a little better. Maybe just get rid of the categories, and loosen up the requirement to login to read, if that's fairly easy to do.

In any event, I do appreciate having this forum available and the effort that goes into it. This looks like a great place to be -- much more civil discussion and regular folks than there are you-know-where.

John Nesselrode

Apr 07, 2010 6:44 PM GMT
ness Replied:

Yes -- I see that. It helps in some circumstances.

John Nesselrode

Apr 07, 2010 10:43 PM GMT
Pat P Replied:

Get rid of the chat room? what? say it ain't so.


Apr 08, 2010 8:55 AM GMT
OrthodoxBlues Replied:

Well, I've been a bit scarce lately, and I think that the lack of activity generally led to a lack of activity personally. I'd like to see different software for the forum. It may just be familiarity, but it seems like VBulletin and other forum software options make it easier to post, add photos, delete or revise a post, etc. A small point, but one that I notice when I'm here. I very much appreciate the almost universally respectful tone here. I also need to give myself permission to post more about whatever is up.

Apr 08, 2010 1:30 PM GMT
Chris C Replied:

G'day Drew good to hear from you.

Hi John Ness. Thanks for the input. I've said before I like the multiple rooms but your suggestion below

I didn't see a place to click and see new activity (regardless of category), which is handy in forums with lots of categories.

I think is a very reasonable one.

Apr 08, 2010 1:56 PM GMT
ness Replied:

Hi Chris,

I'm on another board that has more than 20 'rooms'. And, the only way to navigate that is to use the 'new activity' button -- if your objective is to see, well, new activity:D.

I agree the rooms are useful for categorizing stuff. And, if you come here looking for information on gear it's sure handy to have it all in one place. Plus, there's the 'search' function if you're looking for something specific. There are plenty of positives here!

John Nesselrode

Apr 08, 2010 4:29 PM GMT
Elwood Replied:


I fully understand that this is a labour of love - and a very worthy one at that.

I'd like to reiterate one key complaint that's been voiced here: the forum is a pain in the butt because HarmonicaSpace is just too darn clunky to have a fluid conversation. First it's the login page, then it's the loading page, then the landing page, then the space board, then the room, and at LAST, then the discussion. By the time I've come all that way, I've forgotten what I had to say in the first place.

And then, once I've written it, I am forced to preview it before publishing.

Some people on this board have complained that the MBH forum is just too much of a pissing contest. I hear those complaints, I can certainly see where they're coming from - but for me, the sheer painlessness of talking to the community on that board is what draws me back there every day.

.... And I've just read that Ness has made the same point, but with a great deal more tact.

Apr 10, 2010 12:55 AM GMT
Brady Mills Replied:

Hey guys,

I have read your comments and am considering them carefully. I want to be sure to impress on you how difficult making some of these changes is. The bulletin board is not a program I am using, it (like everything else on the site except chat) was custom built by me. That means that when I go to change the way it works, I cannot simply update the program or add an existing module from a third party...I have to build it.

I will be making some thoughtful decisions about the future of Harmonica Space over the next few weeks. When I have something useful to share with you (about changes and priorities) I will post them on the site. In the meantime, please continue to share your comments and suggestions in this posting. I will continue to read, I will continue to listen, I will continue to process, and we will improve the site...together.

Brady Mills
Owner Brady Mills Graphics
and Creator of HarmonicaSpace

Apr 10, 2010 6:54 AM GMT
BlowsMeAwy Greg Replied:

Hi, Brady

You've done a wonderful job with this forum and its stability is testimony to your solid code. However I wonder what is your objective - testing your code/offering it to others? Or hosting a forum, hopefully for revenue?

If the latter, why re-invent the wheel? I tend to agree that V-bulletin and similar boards are familiar, have more features, and work just fine - so why not focus on the marketing side and not on having to write code to make a change?


Apr 12, 2010 7:31 AM GMT
OrthodoxBlues Replied:

Brady --

I said earlier that I think that a standard forum program might be more user-friendly, but I must say that I didn't know that you wrote the code for this one. That is mighty impressive. I still think it might be easier to use a standard program for the forum, but I had to compliment you on an amazing job.

Apr 13, 2010 2:08 AM GMT
walterharp Replied:

very impresive brady... the forum has its own feel, and that i like

Apr 14, 2010 7:16 AM GMT
OrthodoxBlues Replied:

I'm having some fun just trying to contribute what I can to people's threads, and posting my strange harp mics and amps ...

Apr 15, 2010 3:41 AM GMT
Brady Mills Replied:

V-Bulletin and other bulletin boards are fine systems. However, Harmonica Space is a social network and so the entire site is built with custom code. The Space Board is actually just one component of that custom code. Trying to modify an out of the box bulletin board for the site would actually take as much work, if not more, than making the changes myself.

The eventual goal of the site is to integrate education features as well - so every piece needs to continue to work in concert with every other piece. I can really only control that with my own code.

Good suggestion...keep the ideas coming!

Brady Mills
Owner Brady Mills Graphics
and Creator of HarmonicaSpace

Apr 15, 2010 3:50 AM GMT
sgsax Replied:

Other than the fact that the board uses a separate cookie than the rest of the site, I like it quite a bit. I do find the chat room a bit cumbersome, though. I would like to keep the chat, but wouldn't mind a different chat client. Thanks again, Brady.

Apr 15, 2010 7:12 AM GMT
OrthodoxBlues Replied:

Brady --

I understand now, the whole is greater than the parts. So, first, you've made a great site. Second, I'd like to suggest some new features when you overhaul the forum:

1. The ability to edit your own posts for typos or errors

2. Greater ease in posting photos in the forum. Might just be me using Safari, but I have to post the html code, then go to edit then back to posting to see the photo.

These are minor points, and you've done an amazing job, especially since you wrote your own code. Some of my preference for vBulletin may stem from familiarity ... hanging out and buying too much on guitar forums.

Apr 15, 2010 2:17 PM GMT
ness Replied:

Hey Brady,

Thanks for the perspective on things. I can see how integrating an of-the-shelf bulletin board would present a lot of problems. Byt the way -- impressive work on this.

One suggestion that would improve readability here, IMO, would be to move the 'Add your comment' box to the bottom of the posts. The conversation kinda flows top to bottom, and that might be a pretty easy modification.

John Nesselrode

Apr 15, 2010 5:10 PM GMT
BlueMoose Replied:

I'd like to see the kind of chat client where we're all 20 years younger, have lost 20 pounds and have practiced 20 times as much. Brad - make it so!

ain't busted but I'm badly bent

Apr 15, 2010 5:47 PM GMT
Barbeque Bob M Replied:

On that note, sorry, but two words come to mind: dream on, dream on, dream on!!! lol

Apr 16, 2010 7:52 PM GMT
walterharp Replied:

bob, that is 6 words :-)

Apr 16, 2010 8:48 PM GMT
Barbeque Bob M Replied:

OK, so I made it longer!! lol

Apr 17, 2010 2:28 AM GMT
OrthodoxBlues Replied:

I don't know for sure, but it seems like this place is coming back!

Apr 18, 2010 5:12 AM GMT
Tony W Replied:

From what I can tell, compared to guitar players, there just aren't that many harp players. With such small numbers it seems at the very least a major challenge to keep a site busy all the time. (I guess some sites are busy yes) But like any other business you must be willing to hang on for several years before things start to happen. We live in a world of instant gratification, guitar hero for instance (yes I hate guitar hero ) so I personally don't think there is anything major wrong with the site. A lot of the suggestions I have heard will help but it is Time, that is needed. Just like getting to the place we want to be in our harp playing, Time is the only way (with practice everyday). It takes many years to know your instrument and in several years this site should be well underway. I could be wrong but...

keep it in your mouth

Apr 18, 2010 7:00 AM GMT
OrthodoxBlues Replied:

Tony --

Good points. As someone who plays guitar and harmonica, some of the guitar forums are too big, so it is hard to even keep up with an interesting thread.

May 07, 2010 10:42 PM GMT
Bluesie Replied:

I am on many forums and haven't been here in a while. At the beginning, the chat was very popular with Brian, Jason, Joe Filisko and some other builders and customisers, Ana, Kingley, Dan and Dan, Joe, Brady, Bob, Pete, Brian, his wife (Tamya?) and many others I forgot names. For a while it was the center of this space. Then, there was a guy who brought everyone out on skype. At the same time, Jason and Brady split. Chat almost died and the Space went down a lot. Yeah, the interface is clumsy compared to many but I think the hype was so high at the beginning, it suffered from the chat going down more than anything else. Some still here must surely remember those nights with 20 people on the chat at the same time.

May 09, 2010 11:28 AM GMT
Steven T Replied:

Hey Harpaholic,

I know there are more 1400 members but not all of them understand English well enough to express themselves. Ilive inBelgium, a small country with 3 languages (Dutch, French, German)and I have to deal with language barriers frequently. So alot of members just don't know what's going on.


Steven Troch

Jun 05, 2010 8:58 PM GMT
BluEyes Replied:

my problem is that I use my Iphone for all my computer needs... and for some reason i can not input any comments on the Iphone..

But that will not stop me from reading and getting great advice from you guys...

abner (BluEyes, im still here)

Jun 05, 2010 9:39 PM GMT
Reed Triller Replied:

I`m trying to do my part.But it seems I am mostly talking to the walls..

Jun 06, 2010 2:04 AM GMT
ron a Replied:

I like it here. It may not be as busy, but it is steady enough to be interesting and also not consume the whole day off sitting here waiting for a good thread to start. ...which it may or may not. The odds are realluy against it on most forums. Best to stop by and see what's shakin' then get out until tomorrow and do it again. There's generally SOMETHING I find to read here and leave better than i came in. Pretty much every day by going back in the pages. I don't feel compelled to post every time and nobody here goes out of their way to stir the pot. I like that.

Jun 06, 2010 12:45 PM GMT
Ana R Replied:


You're absolutely right. Those night chats here were great and I've learned so much from you guys. Beside that it was really fun. Those skype jams that Garry organized were the best thing that any harp newbie could wish for, to jam and play with great harp players that won't laught the hell out of him when he start playing like broken record and to help him with precious advices....I miss that a lot and I miss all of you guys.....hope we'll start and raise our harp chat from dead till than I love you all my dear harp friends!!!!!

Jun 07, 2010 3:57 AM GMT
Reed Triller Replied:

I think some of us make posts,or replies to posts and forget about it.Maybe if we had some sort of email reminder to notify us when someone replies to a post we are involved in we would be drawn back here more often.

Jun 10, 2010 2:33 AM GMT
Chris C Replied:

The Walls are listerning Ray

Dec 17, 2012 7:39 PM GMT
Harp W Replied:

I don't remember when your comment was dated; however, I just joined this forum because I saw a message of yours, in this group,regarding the desire to have a place to play near Sacramento. Pull up the Meet Up Group - Harp Players near Sacramento.The groupjust got kicked off this month, if you are interested? Iknow about it because I saw a local need and started this group myself. Iset a monthly meeting to get together and share playing the Harp. Our first meet up is the 2nd Satuday in January. If you want to come, please join andyou will then have access to the meet up information. Sounds like you have some great ideas for this forum. I am hoping you will have some great ideas for what a group can share and do together. I don't have many members yet; but I am hoping after Christmas my group will be noticed and more will join.

Dec 18, 2012 10:34 PM GMT
Mondo Replied:

Understandably, the holidays take quite a bite out of our lives this time of year. But, it's totally up to us users to keep things hoppin' here. I don't log in very often, but when I do (like you) I wonder what everybody's doing.

PS: are we going to play at Bruce's again? I'm not available until after Christmas, but then we can give it a shot.

PPS: I'm looking for mic. Not too expensive, though. Got anything layin' around?

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