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Having A Harpotine Fit!

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Reed Triller
Aug 31, 2009 4:58 PM GMT

I`m Officially A Harp Addict.I thought I was months ago but it`s worse now.

I`m actually jonesing! I need to play but can`t!

Over the last few days I have had a bit of a tooth ache.Nothing major that stopped me from playing.

But last night my face actually started swelling on the toothache side and the pain became severe.

Today I look like I lost a boxing match against a one armed boxer who only did right hooks.

I`m at the point where i`m just holding a harp.Fighting the urge to play because the pain is so bad.


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Aug 31, 2009 6:22 PM GMT
Barbeque Bob M Replied:

Ouch! It almost sounds like root canal time.

Aug 31, 2009 6:55 PM GMT
Reed Triller Replied:

Quite possibly.I`ll find out in about 4 hours.Gotta get the swelling down first with antibiotics.

Sep 01, 2009 4:18 AM GMT
Reed Triller Replied:

Yep.........root canal Wednesday! Arghhh!

Sep 01, 2009 11:03 AM GMT
Jawbone K Replied:

you can still listen to your inspirations, or say some horn guys. or take the opportunity to do some cleanup on your harps.

Sep 03, 2009 1:04 AM GMT
Reed Triller Replied:

JK,Believe me i`m doin that,lol.I had the root canal today and go back in 2 days for the crown.

I actually have no pain now whatsoever but forgot to ask the dentist about playing harmonica,lol.

Sep 06, 2009 7:51 AM GMT
Sioux S.Seydal Replied:

i'm wondering what the local anesthesia could do to f..k up some of that hard earned muscle memory - IF you play under the LA influence with a half numb face that is. so i believe it would have been a very good idea to restrain yourself from actually did have a local?

But: DID you give in to your harp addiction while your mouth wasn't feeling 'normal' yet? and how did it sound to you?

Take care!

Oct 26, 2009 9:40 AM GMT
Reed Triller Replied:

Ok,almost exactly 2 months and 4 visits later my tooth ordeal is finally over.

What I had thought was the root canal on the first visit was only a partial root canal to relieve the pain and get rid of abcess Ihad in the same tooth. I was given a temporary crown 2 visits later and my permenant crown last Thursday.

I have had pain,,,,bad pain.But having the doctor cut a big round hole into my gums over the abcesswith a scalple and go at theit like a big zit was the most mind numbing pain I have ever experienced.I now understand tunnel vision because I almost blacked out.You can`t exactly numb that area.

I have not played a harmonica since this my face started swelling.Once the root canal process started I was afraid of the filling or temporary crown coming out if I tried to play.

Now that I have had the permenant crown for 3 days and everything feels completely normal and I am sure the cement used to attach the crown is fully dried I will FINALLY be trying out my harmonicas tomorrow!

I would be doing so right now but i`m really just too tired after a long work shift.

Oct 28, 2009 5:27 AM GMT
HarpMan Freeman Replied:

Big Daddy Ray

Welcome Back, I was wondering what happen to ya.

I hope you continue on your recovery so you can feed your harp-addiction :)

Oct 28, 2009 7:07 AM GMT
OrthodoxBlues Replied:

Glad you're recovering, and will be back at the harps ...

Oct 30, 2009 4:53 AM GMT
Reed Triller Replied:

I got back to it Tuesday!Almost like I haven`t stopped. Have to relearn a couple things but it`s all coming back.

Oct 30, 2009 6:34 AM GMT
OrthodoxBlues Replied:

Kind of like riding a bike, you don't really forget, you just forget to remember ...

Oct 30, 2009 6:09 PM GMT
walterharp Replied:

kind of like riding a bike, once you fall off, you never forget how :-)

Nov 07, 2009 7:33 AM GMT
Reed Triller Replied:


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