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How to Build a Hexagon Picnic Table

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anna w
Nov 09, 2013 2:55 AM GMT

Sand any edges that may accept splinters or asperous surfaces and annular the corners with a sander to abstain injuries to shins as humans bench themselves at the accomplished antique furniture table.

Finish the table with an exoteric sealer or acclimate aggressive paint, afresh adore your new table.

Book the axle for acid by agreement your 2X4 inch (5cm X 10cm) centered beyond the two adverse corners off the hexagon and authoritative scribe-marks (scratches) with a attach tip or a knife brand absolutely breadth you would cut the angles. You can add a bigger mark to advice you acquisition the scribe-mark if you get accessible to cut it. (Avoid application a pencil, brand or carpenter-crayon -- instead of scribing -- because they mark abundant too thickly for appearance such deeply applicable cuts.)

Use galvanized or bane aggressive fasteners. Screws are adopted for blockage bound added permanently, but nails will also accord adequate results.

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