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How to Recycle Items Into Home Décor

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anna w
Nov 12, 2013 2:09 AM GMT

Turn an old cossack into a planter. Do you accept a brace of boots that accept been with you through blubbery and thin? Are they too beat for you or anyone abroad to accomplish use of them? Accord them a new activity with plants. These can be acclimated central or outside.

Band the central of boots with wax paper. The wax cardboard will anticipate baptize from aperture through the boot. Abode the average of one area of wax cardboard over the aperture of the boot. Carefully move wax cardboard into cossack with your duke until your fingers hit the basal of the boot. There will balance wax cardboard over the bend of the boot. Repeat for additional boot.

Fill anniversary cossack about three fourths way with potting soil.

Abode one flower/plant in anniversary boot.

Abolish balance wax cardboard home improvement from the boots with a brace of scissors. Wax cardboard should appear no lower than an inch beneath the top of anniversary boot.

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