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Hunter's Harmonica Festival June 20, 2009

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George M
Jun 16, 2009 4:28 PM GMT

Event: Hunter's Harmonica Festival

Venue: Rock Falls Park,Slippery Rock PA,

Date: June 20, 2009


I have no affiliation to this event. Simply, this is a local harmonica event.

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Jun 19, 2009 4:10 PM GMT
George M Replied:

A.J. Fedor, Danny G, Richard, and myself are going to attend Hunter's Harmonica Festival.

Jason, I spoke with the promoter this week and told him that your band would be a hit. I'll see him at the event and will do some more promotion for you.

Jun 21, 2009 2:19 AM GMT
George M Replied:

At noon today, A.J. Fedor (and wife Barbara), Danny G, and Richard Loving (and son Gerald) all arrived at my house for lunch before we went to the festival.

We arrived at the festival at around 2:00 PM. There were two stages running and the bands alternated between them. The festival was more like a blues band festival, but that was okay because they all had harmonica players. Several harmonica players immediately recognized the chord case I carried in and were inquizitive regarding if we were going to play.

The owner co-owner of Rock Falls Park met up with us and agreed to give us some time in between bands at 5:00.

So at 5:00, I started out by introducing us a three harmonica players that came to a harmonica festival, that we belong to an international organization that is the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica. I introduced the chord and Little Lady harmonicas, and then played My Blue Heaven. I then turned the mic over to Danny G and A.J. who both individually played 3 numbers on their chromatics.

After our presentation, there were many questions about our harmonicas and where they can learn more which I directed to

I learned from the co-owner of the park that this harmonica festival was named after Dr. E.H. Hunter Davis, who taught at Davis and Elkins College in Elkins WV, and Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, PA.

Rock Falls Park is nestled along the Slippery Rock Creek, near the falls at State Route 173 South of Slippery Rock PA. The grounds are rustic and largly unimproved. Rustic camping is available for $7.00 per person per night.

My overall impression is that this "harmonica" festival can grow with national promotion. Slippery Rock PA is a college town, home of Slippery Rock University, north of Pittsburgh PA, south of Erie PA, and east of Youngstown/Cleveland OH. A band which features the harmonica player as front man, and who has a large following, needs to be the headline act. I am thinking Jason Ricci and New Blood.

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