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im a cat, not a musician

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Nov 28, 2009 11:14 AM GMT

I'm cat wondering the nights and early mornings.
My best hunting grounds are around the watering holes.
I am a cat, the loves the clear sound of music around me.
At times you can see me during the day under a large shade tree,
relaxing to the great sounds around me.

I'm an old cat. Not old in time or in mind, but in body.
Almost a year ago I had some healing to do.
In late winter early spring during my healing I found my partners old
$5 harp. I always loved the sound this little thing made.
I'm a cat, not a musician. Too old and with no real talent to learn.
But I love to head the sound this harp makes.
I close my eyes and breath, the sound is not the same as with the
other cool cats. These guys can make sound that touches the very soul.
My sound touches my soul.
I picked up books, my cool cat wife would buy me sounds from very old
cats that are no longer here.
She would take me to see great cats perform.
Charley Musselwhite was one of them.
She helped me heal.
One day I found this watering hole. I had to learn my place. Some cats
were very friendly with me from the start, with some we had to learn
to respect each other. In time we were able to drink from the watering
hole with out too much of a fight.
In time I asq many questions and got a lot of learning.
Picked up more harps. My great cat bought me others plus a great mic
and amp from a cool cat ( Gregg Harmann ).
I learned to play with other cool cats.
I learned to play in front of other cool cats.
They have seen me grow from a shy cat who could only toot very shyly
to a cat that enjoys playing.
Right now like most days the pain bring me out of a good sleep. I have
not played in 3 weeks. I tried to make some sound but the pain is too
This old cat not in mind or soul but in body needed a compleat knee
reconstucted, so I'm homebound.
The other very cool cats keep asqing me to be wheeled in. They say I
can play with them sitting down.
We will see. We will wait. We will get better in time.

Abner ( BluEyes, an old cat loving the sound )

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Nov 29, 2009 1:49 AM GMT
Jawbone K Replied:

hey blue, nice prose!! sorry to hear you are in some pain, i hope either it passes or you find a way to make music with it. i know i have healed better with music than without!

peace brother.....

Nov 29, 2009 5:29 AM GMT
OrthodoxBlues Replied:

You'll be slinking along pain-free soon, I hope.

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