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jeff s
Jun 16, 2011 7:10 AM GMT

ONLY 13 TICKETS REMAIN FOR HARMONICA MADNESS on July 30th in Brooklyn, NY with Adam Gussow and JP Allen. If you plan on going, now is the time to register, we are anticipating being sold out by the end of this weekend. There are sessions for the beginner /intermediate and advanced player alike

Also attending will be Hal Walker out of the midwest and Robert Ross, leader of the Robert Ross band, voted best life blues act for 2010 in NYC.

Below, you will find two different sessions are being offered during this 5 hour, intensive work shop. You can choose whicheverlearningpath you feel fit your current skill level,. Each are the same cost. The workshop price comes

with the concerts included. Or, if you like, you can come just for the concerts.

THE ADVANCED SESSION:’ve mastered all the basics...maybe more. You’re able to bend holes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 draw; You can probably bend holes 8 and 9 blow on the low harps (G, A). You mayknow how to warble; how to chug; how to glissando. You can easily jam along with basic tunes, maybe you've been on stage before and done well..

Amplified harmonica. Learning how to select the gear

that will give you your playing some mojo!

Advanced Concepts in Improvisation
Adding over-blows to you bag of tricks!
Playing your bends in tune
Awesome sounding harmonica tricks that add soul and


Upper Level Double Harmonica Jams

THE BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE SESSION: You're taking your first step on the instrument or maybe you’re beginning to get the basics down. You’re slowly getting a handle on that up/down, in/out coordination-thing required to play simple melodies. You’re sometimes able to keep a pretty good beat with your foot while you play, but your foot loses its way when you play complicated melodies

BASIC TECHNIQUES AND LICKS*Improvising with other

musician (e.g. guitar players, other harmonica players...)

Making up your own songs
Learning to play-by-ear
How to play as a one man band (learn some simple

tricks that will make you and your friend go "WOW!")

Learning to breathe with rhythm so your playing sounds musical

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