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jam night

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ron a
Jun 18, 2010 4:14 AM GMT

Jam night was pretty good tonight, except for the four WHOLE BANDS that were allowed to play short sets as a band...good grief. One was a metal scream band, two were country, one was blues/classic rock and one was a reunion band of people who played "back in the day."

Nobody danced until Mark (on lead guitar) and i got up there and jammed with three other guys on drums, bass and rhythm guitar. We packed the dance floor! I wandered a little with my wireless and had people sing into it when it was call and was a blast! Only played 4 songs, but it hopped the whole time.

the owners loved it.

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Jun 19, 2010 11:21 PM GMT
BlueMoose Replied:

Ya, bands at jams. We get a couple of those. Not sure how you'd classify some of it though. I'll give them that a few are damn good at what they are doing., but what they are doing at a "blues jam" is beyond me.

ain't busted but I'm badly bent

Jun 20, 2010 5:49 PM GMT
Tony W Replied:

Hey BlueMoose, I think it happens a lot. There really isn't that many places for people without gigs to play in front of people. It all depends on the person running the jam. I went to a jam in Las Vegas recently and the guy running it made sure that I understood that I was at a Blues jam and that I was to play Blues. Some guys are worried about the musicians and others are worried about the listeners. I am on the listeners side. If it is called a Blues jam then Blues it is. I run a jam in Central CA and if a band gets up and plays rock or country the Blues listeners leave.

keep it in your mouth

Jun 21, 2010 8:20 PM GMT
walterharp Replied:

you showed them, eh?

Jun 22, 2010 7:56 PM GMT
ron a Replied:

This jam was a blues jam before my time here in this town. Now it is a country jam, with a significant amount of country blues and blues based classic rock. The other night though..the metal band was a local "battle of the bands" winner in a metal battle of the bands...i have no idea if thay are even good, since i don't get metal.

That's the first time I've been there when so many bands got up together. I hope that doesn't continue. It looks like jam night is becoming an audition for friday and saturday night bands to get booked from...or not, in the case of these guys. They played a half hour short set...way too much for my liking. They also drove people inside from the deck. The owners were visibly unhappy about that, since it's one more door to the parking lot. Maybe they will take some action to make sure it's a jam night after that experience.

I didn't even play until after 10..I was there from 7:30-about 11. I had friends along and we had fun, but we were also inside for the metal band...too loud in too small a space on that deck.

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