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Mid Size Amps

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Subway J
Sep 04, 2009 2:33 PM GMT

I'm lookingfor a midsize amp.Somewhere around 30 plus watts. I currently have a Harp Gear HG-1 which I love but would like not to use the PA at larger gigs. Which of the midsize amps would you recommend? I have looked at the Sonny Jr. Cruncher, Harp Gear HG35 and the Meteor Mini Meat. Does any one have any experience with any of these amps? What do other players recommend? Thanks

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Sep 04, 2009 5:35 PM GMT
Joe L Replied:

I own a Harpgear Double Trouble. I like it a lot. It's a lot louder than my tweed Champ clone.

I did a comparison between the Double Trouble and a Harpgear 30. The Double Trouble was louder, punchier and it cut through the mix better. The HG30 did feedback more, but it was very toneful. I haven't heard a HG35. The 2x10 configuration might be a big improvement, but I don't care for the sound of the reissue Jensens.

I've played through Greg Heumann's Cruncher and found it be a very enjoyable experience. If money was no object, that would be a great choice. The tone is phenomenal.

Midsize amps tend to be weird. There are times when they are too big and times when they aren't big enough. There are a lot of choices. An amp that's the size of a tweed Pro with multiple speakers is still pretty close to being as big and heavy as a Bassman.

I've stuck with the Double Trouble because it's smaller. It's easy to grab and go. It's usually loud enough and it's pretty darn toneful.

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