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PRizes annouced for Elk Contest (Sat. Sept. 19)

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Elk River
Sep 18, 2009 2:48 AM GMT

he Elk River Harmonicas-sponsored harmonica contest, the Ohio Valley Harmonica Championship will be held noon Saturday at the Belleville Homecoming Grounds on W.Va. 68 in Belleville, W.Va.

Here's what we have... a mouthful of AWESOME!

I had a neat idea for trophies/certificates. Harmonicas. The harmonica itself will have the proof of your harmonica prowess... "first, second, etc." are engraved on the Seydel harmonicas each prize winner gets.

Christopher Richards, author of the free Harp Mic Buyers Guide,has donatedthe base modelof hissignature'Twin Tone' harmonica microphone, it is a $240 value and will be handfabricated post competitionto the winners personal specifications. Winner will contact Christopher after its done for hand-fabrication initiation.
Hal Iwan, master of awesomeness, has donated an extremely awesome hard case, with cut outs in the non-flaking foam for 19 diatonics, plus there's a slot for either a 12-hole or 16 hole chromatic, a cutout for a Lone Wolf Delay or single-effect Boss Pedal and a cutout for a bullet mic. This is but one of about five bazillion options Hal has on those awesome cases of his.
C.A. Seydel, the World's Oldest Harmonica Company, has donated several harmonicas to be offered as prizes, an 1847 with stainless steel reeds, Solist, Big Six and Hochlandsklange.
Danny G, a legend among harmonicists and a harmonica dealer, has donated a valved Suzuki Promaster. Danny will be selling some harps at the event, so since he has them there anyway, the winner can walk over to Danny and pluck whatever key he/she wants.
Upon the untimely death of my camera (that's why no youtube videos lately), Danny G has graciously offered to film the event. Some excerpts of these performances will be available for viewing on Youtube at some later date, thus ensuring prolonged enjoyment and perpetual pluggage for our most benevolent donators.

Prizes will be:

First place: 'Twin Tone' Microphone and Seydel 1847.
Second place: Hal Iwan's awesome gig case and Seydel Big Six.
Third Place: Seydel Solist and Suzuki Promaster.

Gnarly Cup, special award for tremolo/octave players: Seydel Hochlandsklange.

The 'Twin Tone' web site is:
You can find Hal here:
Seydel is here:
I am here:


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