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dennis m
Feb 07, 2009 6:02 PM GMT
I posted this on harp-l too. It feels a little indulgent but whatever! It's real for me:
Just in from a show in Brooklyn and we (BoneDog) did one of my favorites: "Temptation" (Written and performed by Tom Waits and relatively popularized by Dianna Krall) that I kind of shimmer through on my instrument. Our vocalist sings with her voice and I sing with my harp....... After all the comparing I do with other musicians that grounds me in the relative poverty of my talent a song comes along (In this case: Temptation) that makes everything other than the music I'm playing irrelevant. To me the harp is an extremely vocal instrument: growling and shimmering and dipping and soaring just like a mellifluous or angry or sexy vocalist! So what is this "shimmering"? It's a metaphor for hmm: weaving in and out of a vocalists way, light volume with deep meaning, nuance, almost like something sheer that defers to the breeze but in this case the breeze is music. I guess for me it's a kind of sexy "in the pocket" groove. I just call the groove shimmer because in the aforementioned example: "Temptation" the song was sexy. It is also a bit autistic for me because in those moments there is a suspension of duality between me and the music. And the audience hears it too. They, or some of them, become engaged........All my best. d

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Feb 07, 2009 7:03 PM GMT
Fugazzi Replied:

I think by duality you ment "nonduality"...thing about it. ;)

Read the Mysticism of Sound and Music sometime. There's reference to how breath insturments hold a special place in the universe because they rely on breath, which is often the critical link between humans and God...nobody flame me for the "G" word...I am reporting a fact from a book with and not promoting any specific religion with my post.

I personally don't think I started to learn harmonica by mistake. It fit my personality best because it required breath to play and there's nothing for me to look at. I need to see the insturment inside of myself...because its in my mouth. ;) I consider myself quite musical, but for some reason I have no patience to learn an insturment beyond harmonica and vocals. It is very meditative.

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