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Duane C.
Jan 21, 2011 5:46 PM GMT

Somedays are just a bit tougher. Iv'e chosen for now to learn as best I can on my own, from published teaching materials. That's not IMO a bad thing, least not for the place I have given this in my life for now. Definitly a personal teacher and associations with other players on a regular basis would make it move along faster. I feel Iv'e come quite aways in my playing skills, most days. Somedays like this one, I become so aware of how much more there is, it becomes a bit frustrating. I listen to some piece I have discovered and think, how much longer before I can play something like that? Will I ever?

That said, that's usaully about the time the positive part of my character kicks in and says, YES YOU WILL!! You know, the little guy that sits on your shoulder. I assume that every player at what ever level has these times. And I guess my point is, with lots of help or little we just have to decide, on our own.

This may not make much sense, I just felt like I needed to say it. I'm just goin to keep on keep'n on. Keep on Harp'n Duane

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Jan 23, 2011 5:41 AM GMT
Jawbone K Replied:

the woodshed is much more important than i ever thought way back when. as it was for me, i learned a little- very little- jamming with albums, the radio, etc. what really spurred me to improve was getting out and seeing harp players with bands live. also getting out among my peers at open mics, jams, living room get-togethers, campfires, etc etc.

i could have learned much faster and much more if i'd had today's resources. i also could have learned more and faster if i'd humbled myself and asked a few people in my life or community for help. my pride held me back for a long time and may have kept me from some very nice opportunities early in my music life.

yes the woodshed is indispensable but so also is taking a chance and going public for better or worse. it is to me an integral part of learning music unless you plan to play solo always. every time i've ever gotten on a stage i have learned something. sometimes i didn't necessarily want to learn a thing but there it was- and it made me a better player or person or music partner!

Jan 25, 2011 7:20 PM GMT
HarpSkunk Replied:

Yup, fully agree with Jawbone K., I had a 20 year love hate thing with the harp until another musician told me that not playing was a sure way to go nuts! Six years later and I play in public as often as I can, I may never be great but I love to see the folk in the crowd getting into the music I play. One more thing, busking on the street is a confidence booster because when people stop to listen it is their choice to stay or not. Remember the last time you stopped to listen to a really good street musician? Remember the ones you walked right past? Those who stop for you are really paying you a great compliment, and maybe a few coins too.

Jan 25, 2011 10:24 PM GMT
Duane C. Replied:

@ Jawbone K and Harpskunk, I certainly do appreciate both of ya's input. It sounds like good words of advice, coming from experience and understanding. I certainly don't want to go (NUTS), lol!! Since I have been thinking about it lately, I'm going to try to locate some other players I can play with. At least in practice time, who knows might even lead to playing out for others.

Keep on Harp'n, Duane

Jan 26, 2011 6:03 PM GMT
walterharp Replied:

we all have peaks and valleys. practice is imporant, but if you are not having fun, then it is probably worthless.. that is where the jamming comes in.

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