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Sonny Jr.

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Feb 11, 2009 6:46 PM GMT
As a fan and a freind of Sonny's,I invite you to please visit
Sonnys website.
Sonny is going to be to be trying some new medication and treatments for his advanced stage of Hepatitus C,which in turn
will be quite costly for him.
This is the same deadly disease that clamied the life of Pat Ramsey.
Here is the man who gave us the amazing original Sonny Jr 1 and 2-
following it up with the moster 4-10,and the innovative Cruncher.
Sonny also builds killer microphones,and is a great harp player
in his own right.
Lets pay the man back-every little bit helps.
Thank you,
Tom Fiacco.

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Feb 11, 2009 7:00 PM GMT
Brutus Maximus Replied:


I knew Sonny had been ill for some time, but I didn't realize that he was battling Hep C. Please keep us informed about how the new treatments work for him.

Feb 11, 2009 8:09 PM GMT
THOMAS F Replied:

Will do Brutus.

Feb 14, 2009 3:44 PM GMT
BlowsMeAwy Greg Replied:

Sonny Jr. has made significant contributions to our world and has pushed the envelope for just how good a harp amp can be - making everyone's products better. He's also a helluva harp player and a good guy. He needs our help.

Feb 14, 2009 11:51 PM GMT
Zack P Replied:

I hope he's okay :(

Feb 15, 2009 3:40 PM GMT
BlowsMeAwy Greg Replied:

I sent him $100. Anyone who matches it gets 20% off on any volume control from me.

Feb 16, 2009 1:25 PM GMT
THOMAS F Replied:

Right on Greg!! Great way to kick this off-thanks!!!

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