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wanna be to player

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joe p
Jan 07, 2012 6:04 PM GMT

What event made you go from a Wanna be Harmonica player to a harmonica player????Steven Tyler playin Milk Cow Blues At the Binghamton Arena in December 1979, was mine..Perry had just split the band, and Tyler went tough on the harp and call and response with Crespa....A stage light shined off his harmonica and hit me in the eye;sittin high on the side..I knew then that I was gunna learn that Old Standby that old one legged Jaybird left at my Dads beer Tavern....I really couldn't Play poop until the Fall of 86 when I bought a book in downtown Norfolk VA..I became obsessed and hit open mics and blues jams everywhere..Talked with Nat Riddles a few times...He told me the best way to practice is to record yourself and listen back.....The harp opens many musical doors..You can make it your main axe, or bridge off from it to anything.. joe

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Jan 15, 2012 1:06 PM GMT
Jawbone K Replied:

one event was at triple nipple in horseheads ny, j. geils with magic dick in '73.

there have been many many hooks that put me on stage for real. hanging at jams and getting up live, sometimes sounding really bad but finding out what i didn't know and needed to, eventually working with bands and duos on the street and in the clubs, it was not a single event really.

saw anson funderburgh with darrell nulisch in dallas in about 1980. darrell blew me off but i chatted with anson and realized, this is a regular guy. so is mike morgan, the vaughn brothers, and a host of other dallas guys.

i lived in a city with a jazz school for a lot of years and the washouts jazz students would take over the local jam sometimes and funk it up. the only way to play with them cats was to take some big chances and hope you sounded ok, at least until you learned enough about music and harmonica possibilities to actually live up to what they were doing.

i was 4 years old when i first heard live harmonica. but i was 17 when i decided to try and play one. 36 when i played my first gig with a band. i'll be 57 in 3 weeks and just had a cd my wife and i did go to IBC in the top 30.

i grew up in ny state but have lived in texas and arkansas since '79. the south is where i really began the journey to harpman.

Jan 18, 2012 2:52 AM GMT
walterharp Replied:

hearing john mayall on room to move

then a couple years later, sonny terry and i thought wow, could really do something with that little instrument

Mar 22, 2012 5:07 AM GMT
Isaac R Replied:

I had been dabbling with the harmonica since I was about 12 or 13 years old. I would occasionaly play along with some of my friends in high school and honk along with blues songs with our Jazz Band I always appreciated the sound that could be manipulated with this little instrument. Then in 2001 I went to Bozeman, MT with a good friend of mine to see Blues Traveler and Left Over Salmon put on a concert at the Haynes Pavillion. I was mesmorized by what Popper was doing with the harp. At the end of the night he tossed a harp to me in the front row and it was like a light lit up in my mind telling me that I'm supposed to get better at this instrument and play more. It was a very cool moment. I've been playing ever since and have played with many different bands these past 11 years. I currently play with a group called Left On Red. My profile picture was taken with Popper at another show about 5 years later in Spokane, WA. His playing has definately made an impact on me and my music. I've been playing for almost 20 years now. :) Skol!

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