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Where's Jason?

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Civet Cat
Mar 09, 2009 8:38 AM GMT

For Brutus...

Thanks Brutus...My only chat time has been around 2:00AM IN THE MORN... AND NOONES BEEN IN THE CHAT.

Right now Im in Colorado and have been for the past week. So far crowds have been great and clubs and booze seem to be reccession proof. I have just been doing a lot of independent reading on the history of religions etc... and having good time on the road. Tommorow I'm going to MO to play the Trouser mouse near Joe Spiers house. I'm sending him a few harps I fixed too many time by myself. Harps going out left and right out here need to do a good cleaning one day soon of all 41 work harps...ughh... Any way the new record will be out April 21st and a few tunes are on my profile even though their not supposed to be... Thanks for caring Brutus I'll keep everyone updated pretty much daily from now on.



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Mar 09, 2009 10:42 AM GMT
Brutus Maximus Replied:

Cool! Wish you were coming to Columbia while you're in MO. You made a real impression on folks last time you were at Mojo's. Lots of my musician friends had their heads spun around by your performance--definitely changed their impressions of what's possible with the lowly tin sandwich.

I took your advice and bought the Pedaltrain and the BBE power supply. Very happy with the investment. Thanks for the tip!

Be safe on the road.

Mar 09, 2009 11:02 AM GMT
Civet Cat Replied:

Hey Brutus cant make it to the troser mouse on Tues?

Mar 09, 2009 1:03 PM GMT
Brutus Maximus Replied:

Nah--won't be able to make it.

Ever read The Doors of Perception/Heaven and Hell by Aldous Huxley? That would dovetail well into your studies. The first essay is an account of his experiments with mescaline in the 1950s, with a resulting examination of how our minds filter out most spiritual information so we can focus on physical survival. The second essay examines how and why humans have an innate need for spirituality. He also touches on the concept of Spectacle, which I think you'd enjoy as it relates to your live performances. I've got an extra copy I'll give you next time I see you.

Mar 09, 2009 4:21 PM GMT
Zack P Replied:

I've never personally read it but will get to it! And ,cool stuff Jason! I am awaiting that album!

Mar 09, 2009 4:44 PM GMT
Kingley Replied:

Aldous Huxley is very interesting reading

Mar 09, 2009 8:34 PM GMT
Zack P Replied:

I got Brave New World sitting around waiting to be read...Harmonicas consume too much time...

Mar 09, 2009 10:10 PM GMT
Brown Ale Guy Replied:

Keep up with that reading. Good stuff Civet. Had hoped to see you at the House of Blues in Chicago on Friday, but couldn't quite swing it. Gonna catch another Harmonica Space friend in St. Paul though same nightthat I heard about through this site Fugazzi.

Mar 10, 2009 9:23 PM GMT
Brutus Maximus Replied:

A random question from my hyperactive brain: Who does most of the driving when you're touring? Do you take turns, draw straws, duke it out, or does everyone just pitch in when someone's tired? And do you use your own personal insurance, or do you have blanket coverage for the band?

Mar 10, 2009 10:11 PM GMT
Civet Cat Replied:

Hey Brutus I do most the driving meaning almost every day time drive, ALL the over night drives until the sun comes up, defintly all the after the gig drives...and i use my insurance....

Mar 10, 2009 10:51 PM GMT
Robb L Replied:

Hey, CC

Herman Hesse's Narcissus and Goldman, I found to be a great read. Lot of good stuff to think on.

By 2am the ones still up in the eastare on skype. Just a few insomnimonica players. :)

Glad your all havin' a hoot. Gonna to catch you at Play By Play on the 27th. Gonna get tickets on line tonight, just firming up how many of us are free to make it.

Be safe out there kids.

Mar 11, 2009 1:21 AM GMT
Brown Ale Guy Replied:

If you're gonna read Hesse - go try "Magister Ludi".

Mar 11, 2009 1:44 AM GMT
Zack P Replied:

Orthe AMAZING Siddhartha. I never thought about morals, truth, and life so much until I read that book. I also just finished The Sun Also Rises and it was boring AND good. I was intrigued by the characters, but not so much of the situations...

Mar 11, 2009 4:42 AM GMT
harveyharp Replied:

CC, Talk about bad timing, I am going to be in Ohio for a week,visiting mydaughter and grandson, leaving Dayton Ohio on March 27 heading to Nashville and then home to New Orleans. I see you are in Cincinnati on the 27th. I might have to adjust my schedule. Or, maybe come to Baton Rouge on the April 3rd, I might go to Houston on the 4th too. for pocket full of soul, if my old bones can handle the trip. I just got back from there on Sunday. Played a little music with Steve Schneider, and Little Terry Rogers there.


Mar 16, 2009 4:54 AM GMT
Civet Cat Replied:

Hey Guys thanks for the reading lists! I'm finally home now...didn't have internet for a few days. I hate House of Blues and cooperate gigs like that. any way I got my hands full now with reading. Keep you updated.


May 11, 2009 5:20 AM GMT
Civet Cat Replied:

Ok Been out of touch for a while again here...been over on that you tube when I am computer networking and all ...sorry everyine next big break I'll be back...many of the hotels I stay in don't have internet or I dont have enough time at them if they do to mess around here. Till my next big break heres a schedule.



7 Memphis, TN Blues Music Awards
8 Memphis, TN Delta Groove Showcase
9 Huntsville, AL Humphrey’s
14 Grand Rapids, MI McFadden’s
15 Blawnox, PA Moondog’s - SOLO
16 Charleston, WV Charley West Blues Festival
21 Van Buren, AR Van Buren Schools – Fine Arts Center
23 Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma City Limits
24 Sedan, KS Chautauqua Hills Blues Festival
27 St. Louis, MO BB’s Jazz, Blues & Soups
28 Eureka Springs, AR Chelsea’s Cafe
29 Kansas City, MO The Record Bar

6 Oss, Holland De Groene Engell
7 Roermond, Holland De Weegbrug
11 Mol, Belgium Meulenberg
12 Hengelo, NL Metropool
13 Charleroi, Belgium Nuit De Blues Festival
14 Antwerp, Belgium Crossroads Café
15 Ertvelde, Belgium The Maple
18 Menen, Belgium CC De Steiger
20 Oxford, MI Hot Blues & BBQ Festival
25 Columbus, OH A & R Music Bar
26 Cleveland, OH The Winchester
27 Cincinatti, OH Play By Play
30 Delray Beach, FL Boston’s on the Beach

2-4 Key West, FL The Green Parrot
7 Tampa, FL Skipper’s Smokehouse
9 Cocoa Beach, FL Beach Shack
10 Tallahasee, FL Bradfordville Blues Club
24 Dallas, TX Pearl at Commerce
26 Houston, TX Warehouse Live
30 Las Vegas, NV Boulder Station Casino
31 Las Vegas, NV Texas Station Casino

1 Demming, WA Mt. Baker Blues Festival
6 San Francisco, CA Biscuits & Blues
7 Sacramento, CA Torch Club
8 Senora, CA Fire On The Mountain
11 Sacramento, CA Torch Club (night)
11-15 Sacramento, CA Spah Convention

13 Electric City, WA Sun Banks Music Festival

May 11, 2009 10:11 AM GMT
bdr Replied:

Belgium & Holland are close but not close enough.. now you're just teasing us, any plans for UK & Ireland tour dates ??

the latest youtube clips are great!



May 13, 2009 2:32 AM GMT
OrthodoxBlues Replied:

Jason, when you don't want to listen to music while driving, pick up an audio version of Thich Nhat Hanh's The Art of Mindful Living. If you like that one, he has a bunch of other audio books. They all center around mindfulness. I prefer the audio versions because he oozes mindfulness!

May 24, 2009 3:37 PM GMT
Todd G Replied:

Saw Jason Ricci and the new blood in OKC last night, Amazing showWatermelonslim was there and played a few songs as well. Great show and to cheap @ 10 bucks.

Thanks Jason

May 26, 2009 5:23 AM GMT
BluEyes Replied:

Jason see you June 30th, its going to be great.

May 28, 2009 3:14 PM GMT
Doc M Replied:

Jason is on this week's Blueswax E-Zine...

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