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12 hole C Marine Band

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Eric S
Aug 28, 2010 6:34 AM GMT

Just picked up a 12 hole C Marine Band on e-bay, pre WWII. It is clean, never been used, so clean it's scary. The box, decals, and covers. say pre WWII, but it's just too clean.

Any way went to Pat Missins site to ck on tuning, Wow I had no Idea how many ways it could be tuned. It is tuned to major diatonic scale and I like the 19 limit JI tuning, but for some reason it doesn't play right, or doesn't sound right.

I usually tune it twice over a week, play it in between to loosen reeds, then re ck. It's like a bass C but I can't find a Sweet spot like on a 10 hole. Is it me? Will playing change my ear to it? Will another tuning change playability? Suggest a tuning, I will get some blue tack and start adjusting. Yah, I know lot of Questions. Thanks for your help in advance. Eric S.

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Aug 28, 2010 6:24 PM GMT
Barbeque Bob M Replied:

When you tune a harmonica, NEVER use a hard breath force because the tuning will never be correct at all and that's why using the SOFTEST beath force you can physically manage works because if it's right soft, it'll be right no matter what, but NOT the other way around. You gotta listen not just to the single note, but to the chord as well when doing just intonation and relying soley on the tuner is a big mistake.

All 364/365 models except the Steve Baker models aretuned to 7LJI. Tuning actually needs a day or two to fully settle in. Also breath moksture, saliva, as well as dried on layers of dead skin will affect the tuning as well and so you should clean the reed plates before doing anything.

There are all sorts of tunings for different purposes.

Aug 28, 2010 11:35 PM GMT
Eric S Replied:

That is how I tune, the breath that it takes when you clean glasses, eye glasses, tune and then play it for a while and re ck fine tune, when I tune diatonics, they are pretty close after first adjustment, this is just not working that way, I clean with Limeaway and Isopropol Alcohol Thanks for the input..

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