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A harp with stiff 3 hole draw...

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Apr 16, 2009 5:03 PM GMT

I blew out my A Promaster about a week ago. I decided to start using my brand new Delta Frost. Everything about the harp is wonderful except the 3 hole draw is unbelievably stiff. My promaster was easy to bend on the 3 and get nice tone as well. Now i find myself closing off tone to get the much stiffer reed to bend correctly. It is not awful, but i am always looking for better tone and this is setting me back a little. It might give me gargantuan chops, and i like playing hard, but the rest of the harp does not demand that kind of playing to get beautiful tone. I would hate to have to get used to that level of draw and then suck down the reed of any of my other harps. My other Delta Frosts are so nice and responsive I'm afraid I might just blow half of them out. the real question... Is ther a way to make this single 3 hole draw more responsive? Or do i need to put this harp in the backup column and pony up and get the Hammond i have been wanting? (please don't encourage me in that..i am a diseased man)

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Apr 16, 2009 6:05 PM GMT
Joe Replied:

The bent notes come from theblow reed activating. Exhale lightly into the 3 hole, does the blow note respond with minimal breath? If it's tooairy, the blow reed (top plate)probably needsthe gap closed a little. This will make the bent notes respond with less effort. Try to find the rightgapin whichthe blow reed responds with minimal breath, but doesn't choke easily. If you get it too tight, not only will it choke but the bent notes will be too slippery and feel weak.I set the 3 draw gapas tight as Ican get away with without choking, for best note isolation/intonation. Mess with your blown out Promaster to get a feel for it, try it on all the holes. The upper octave 7-10 will work opposite of how I've described due to the note relationships flipping over.

Apr 16, 2009 8:32 PM GMT
Kingobad Replied:

Thanks Joe....

I worked on it for a while...combination of a small high burr and gapping... it is working wonderfully now...


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