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Harp Shooter
Jul 15, 2010 1:21 PM GMT

How do you really know when it is done correctly?I read and hear that embossing pushes brass toward the reeds which lessens the gap between the plate and the reed but it seems more like im scraping brass off and scratching the edges.

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Jul 18, 2010 2:24 AM GMT
Chris C Replied:

Witha lighted background you can see the gaps. If you do it too much the reeds will stick. That proves in a way that you are pushing brass toward the reeds. If this happens then give the slot a wipe and keep plinking the reed. Sometimes this will clear the blockage. With the lighted background you can see where it is sticking.

Jul 19, 2010 6:07 PM GMT
walterharp Replied:

and if the plinking does not get the reed ringing free, take one of those little metal strips cut out of a cd security thing and run it down the area where the reed is sticking, that usually knocks the offending burr out

Jul 21, 2010 5:43 AM GMT
Mondo Replied:

Or a razor blade, eh?

Jul 21, 2010 7:54 PM GMT
walterharp Replied:

yeah, a razor blade works... but you have to be a bit more careful not to mess up the reed.

Aug 05, 2010 12:48 AM GMT
AirMojo (Ken H) Replied:

I recently bought a small lighted 35mm slide viewer on eBay that works great for checking the embossing on a reed slot... you can get a good view of where you may need to insert a very thin steel feeler gauge (like .002) to clear any over-embossing. Gotta flick your reed alot to check your progress. Try not to over do it. I'm still getting the hang of it.

One model I have is an "Omega Pocket Viewer.

Also bought asimilar model made by Kalt... maybe others as well.

Both of these take 2 AAA batteries.

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