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Al P
Feb 16, 2009 3:41 AM GMT
Hello everyone, I am new here and am new to the harmonica. I have always had the desire to play just never could find the time. Recently, ( 6 weeks ago) I bought my first harmonica, its a Golden Melody in the key of C. I have bought a few books and watched plenty of You Tube vids, I have some of the techniques down that most folks say are very difficult to get. However, I still do not know when or how to put it all together? I am sure it will come, I have bought a Suzuki Fabulus in the key of G and am just realizing that I probably wont be using it anytime soon. I have another Suzuki on its way but in a lesser harmonica, this collecting harmonica stuff can get out of hand cant it? So a couple of weeks ago I am in the garage and in the attic... I find an old box, as I open it I see what looks to be a harmonica box? I quickly reach down and pick it up gently as the box looks fragile. I open up the box and its a Hohner harmonica in the key of A it looks very rough, as I turn it over there is a crease in the cover plate that almost goes the length of the cover plate. When I turn it over again it has a nice dent in the other side. I am thinking "project"!! I show my wife and she says yeah that belonged to my father and my wife her mother and myself figure this harmonica to be about 55 years old!! So I asked if I can try to make it nice again and the wife says sure. I take it apart and start the inspection process I find out that the comb is broken and cracked so I put that aside thinking I could easily buy one... as you all know that was not going to happen! So I clean up the reed plates and purdy much make the cover plates presentable, the only issue now is the comb. Since I did not have the correct tooling, I started chipping away at some aluminum and after a few weeks of working on it by hand I have finally got it done, it only needs to be polished now. Now that I have it all done except the polishing the only thing I lack is the reeds are not in tune and its not very responsive in the high notes. I have read many things by folks like Jason Ricci that say if you have not tried to tune a harmonica on any cheapies do not try it on a harmonica that you like. I need some help/guidance on how to tune the reeds or have someone do it for me, so the question is, who will do it and at what price? Thanks Great place here, it looks like I will learn a lot from this site. Al

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Feb 17, 2009 12:36 AM GMT
Will Vogtman Replied:

This will answer your repair questions . . .

I really got a lot out of this . . .

This is a site I use over and over (and it's free) . . .

Welcome to a life-long obsession.

Feb 17, 2009 3:34 AM GMT
Al P Replied:

Hello Will thank you for the links, I shall put them to good use!!

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