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Shure Green Bullet Grille Screws

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Jan 01, 2010 7:53 AM GMT

Does anyone have a source for the small (I think they are 4-40, but I'm not completely sure) screws that hold the grille onto the body for Green Bullet mics? Angelas Instruments sells a dozen for $20, but that seems pricey. Yet, I can't find a similar product elsewhere on the internet. My old RCA/Shure mic has one screw missing! If no one has a better source, or an extra one they'd like to sell, then perhaps I'll suck it up and buy a dozen and then be the HarmonicaSpace source if anyone else loses one!

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Jan 02, 2010 1:52 AM GMT
Glenn R Replied: has a verity of super small nuts bolts screws brass and stainless steal. Good Luck & Happy New Year

Jan 02, 2010 6:17 AM GMT
OrthodoxBlues Replied:

Thanks, guys. I appreciate the help. I don't mind giving Angelas (Angela's?) some business, but $20 when I only need one screw right now doesn't feel good at all. Joe, I'll send you my address, and many thanks. Regarding your comment about the Angela screws appearing to be too coarse (I can't write this sentence without implying something other than mics), I wonder if her husband ... no, I wonder if those are for the newer models. I wouldn't be surprised if the 520 DX and or 520 D use a different screw than the older ones.

Jan 02, 2010 4:27 PM GMT
BlowsMeAwy Greg Replied:

They're not 4-40. They're #4-36. I have them - contact me privately.

BlowsMeAway Productions
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Jan 02, 2010 6:55 PM GMT
OrthodoxBlues Replied:

What a great community! Two people who have the very thing, somewhat obscure, that I happen to need. I appreciate this place as a group of musicians supporting each other blowing the blues ... and rock and jazz and country and bossa nova, etc.

I often wish I could easily hang out with the members of this forum, compare notes and gear, etc. Maybe I need to go to SPAH one year.

Jan 03, 2010 5:17 PM GMT
BlowsMeAwy Greg Replied:

OK, I guess they don't exist.

I actually called Shure and asked them, and they told me they were 4-36.

I guess the fact that I have a box of screws actually labeled 4-36, which measure the same diameter as 4-40's, must be some sort of cosmic typo.

That, and the 4-36 tap I have...

That and the fact that they fit Shure bullet mics perfectly....

But if you say it can't be so, I guess it can't....


Jan 03, 2010 8:55 AM

If they were a 4-36 they would be the same diameter as a 4-40, expect they would have four fewer threads per inch. They are definitely smaller than a #4 screw.

On a ANSI chart, a 4-36 doesn't exist ?

They are either a 3-48, or 3-56. They could possibly be a 2-56 or a 2-64, but I don't think so.

Jan 04, 2010 4:59 AM GMT
OrthodoxBlues Replied:

It would make sense to me that they might have used different screws over the years. If so, I definitely wouldn't have been happy had I paid twenty dollars for 12 screws that didn't fit. I'm quite far sighted, so I wouldn't be able to tell much of the difference between any of the sizes mentioned by either Greg or Joe. If, as I suspect, both of you are right, it would be helpful if we had any idea what years were right sizes, but I'm not trying to give either of you a new job.

Jan 04, 2010 7:17 PM GMT
BlowsMeAwy Greg Replied:

Harpaholic - I have no reason to doubt what you say, but it contradicts my experience. I have some pretty old Shure bullet shells so i just went out and checked them. One is a 707 and one is a 9822 Crystal "specially designed for recording" brown bullet. I believe that dates to the '40's. Every one of them uses a 4-36. And anything newer than that - 520, 520D or 520DX does too. They have not been retapped - although that is certainly an option to fit a screw that doesn't fit. I'll acknowledge it is an unusual size but its for real.

If you were to say you have some with larger screws, I would suggest they had been retapped. But smaller ones? Are you sure? What is their diameter to the nearest .001"? #4-36's are 0.109"

BlowsMeAway Productions
Bluestate on CDBaby
Bluestate on iTunes

Jan 06, 2010 2:49 AM GMT
OrthodoxBlues Replied:

I'm not sure how to make sense of the fact that Greg has mics widely ranging in age with the same size of screw and Joe has at least two with smaller screws.

Joe, the RCA/Shure mic is the same one that I talked about in the gear forum. Based on the element, it is from '48 so it is rather old!

In the guitar world, it is well-known that original old Fender guitars often had some strange characteristics, such as a neck that was much older than the body (presumably an old one that had remained in the bin), a body that had been painted over by Fender before the guitar was sold (sometimes twice), etc. The ones with the paintovers sometimes look very cool, with different colors peaking out underneath each other.

I'm sure that both Joe and Greg have seen more Shure Bullets than I have, but my job is to compare the screws on those I have, to at least provide some data to this discussion.

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