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It's time to lets your blues soul sing

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jeff s
Apr 16, 2012 3:14 AM GMT

What is it about the blues harp that speaks to the soul, emulates the pain and then the uplift of the blues genre? Why is the harmonica and blues music so intertwined?

Do you play the blues harp? Do you want to learn to play better...absorbing lessons, best techniques, tricks and rock solid basics from some of the worlds premier blues harp players? Does the idea of being instructed and/or entertained by masters such as Billy Branch, Phil Wiggins, Mitch Kashmar, Adam Gussow Dr. "Feel Good" Potts, Jimi Lee, Todd Parrott, Brandon Bailey, PT Gazell, Deak Harp and others make your go "OMG"? Would you also go "Holy Sh*t" if I told you you will also get to learn about microphones, amplifiers and tabbing PLUS the availability of beginners-focused instruction? All under the warm Mississippi Hill Country sun surrounded by the spirits of the blues greats and immersed in the blues culture....yeah, you so have to be there....for the 3rd annual Hill Country Harmonica

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