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Turboslide Session Steel Custom Harp

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James A
Jun 09, 2014 4:32 PM GMT

We at Turboharp have been feeling the love from all of our customers for our Turboslide Session Steel, which is based off of the Seydel Session Steel. We took the harp, customized it and added a slide!

A Remarkable Upgrade to the Seydel Session Steel - Features our brilliant patent magnetic slide system - Harmonica slide system adjusts stiffness of stainless steel reeds - Smoothly bend one or all of the blow notes - It’s like having a whammy bar for your harmonica

We have received so much great feedback! TurboDog builds each one by hand. They come in Richter and PowerBender Tuning created by Brendan Powers.

We would love to hear feedback or questions that anyone has to share about their Turboslide!

Turboslide Session Steel

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