Iggy Knucklehead

Vinkovci, HRV
41 years wise

Last On: 12/19/13

Iggy Knucklehead

About Me

My ex bands:

Thee Knuckleheads - garage soul blues   www.myspace.com/theeknuckleheads

Sopotopot - experimental-reggae-dub band  www.myspace.com/sopotopot


My current bands:

Harp Explosion - Thee One Man Band

In Harp Explosion I'm playing dirty garage blues using harps, vocal and tambourine with live overdubbing over drum machine. 



Disciplin a Kitschme - heavy funk and drum and bass 



Also playing on the blues harp festivals all over Croatia, teaching harp basics on harmonica workshops and editing a blog about harps and croatian harp scene.




Coming soon...

Friends (30)

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